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  1. Erotic Life Magazine is seeking an *experienced* graphic designer to join our team. Experience is an absolute must, especially with magazine layouts. Salary is negotiable and will be discussed upon interview. The magazine is an erotic themed magazine so obviously, must be over 18 years of age and be okay with adult material. All content will be given to you, as well as themes. As the issue progresses, and your work approved everything will be published! Please contact Flora Raven (florianiana resident) in world with your resume. Please include examples of your work as well as past experience. Please do not reply to this thread, only send a NC to Flora. Thanks!
  2. Position has been filled, thank you! We are still seeking talented artists to join our team. If you know how to draw/edit/use photoshop or the like come apply!!
  3. New photography studio is looking for a manager to help out with basic studio needs. If you are interested please send your resume to nalithia resident in-world. We are looking for someone who is: ★ Organized ★ Friendly ★ Dedicated ★ Dependable ★ Knowledgeable ★ Compensation: ★ Weekly salary discussed during interview ★ Hourly pay when working in the studio ★ Discounts off services ★ Free skybox on parcel (300 prims)★ Duties include posting on the forum, facebook groups, in-world groups, flickr, etc. Promoting the studio to the best of your ability whether it's by word of mouth or finding locations to advertise. Organizing discount and sale events. Managing client lists. Working as a sales rep when wanted/needed. Very simple, and straightforward job that doesn't involve a lot of hard work. Mostly social interaction and posting things to places. If you are interested, please send nalithia resident your resume or visit us! Please don't reply to this threat I rarely check it. Thank you! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pleasure Beach/59/161/28
  4. We are open and seeking photographers to join our team! What we offer you: ☀ 80% commission + 100% tips ☀ No limitations to your creativity ☀ You work on your own time and pace ☀ Not exclusive ☀ You set your own prices ☀ What we ask for: ☀ Experienced in editing software ☀ Able to edit or re-draw if needed ☀ Friendly demeanor ☀ Professionalism + honesty ☀ Message nalithia resident for information + questions or stop by! See ya soon. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pleasure Beach/59/162/28
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