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  1. Hi, Krystina...I sent you a message. Obsessive horsewoman here willing to chat non-stop LOL! Jinny
  2. Um, literally, I have a RL family member who signs on and plants my succulents and heliotrope and other landscaping when I need a break. That's the extent of it. I do about 95% of my sim, and a ton of landscaping work has gone into it over time. My family members are in my sim group, but they don't have the huge landscaping inventory I have so it's just easier to do it that way. In any case, I 100% trust them to plant my banana trees without touching anything else!--and also, in this particular incident, I know for a fact neither of them was online making a 'mistake' in the three hours during
  3. No, Alwin, I don't have my group set to the land. But the members do landscape sometimes...my two other group members are actually RL family who use my ID to make changes.
  4. Hmmm......I looked at my settings and the only thing not checked was ‘no pushing’, and 'others can run scripts'. I changed it to ‘no pushing’, but have to keep everyone running scripts because we do want this to be a place open to all. Everything else is buttoned down. There are only three of us in the group, all who are friends, so it’s not an inside job. Also, that was interesting to know about the box in the edit mode of an object, ‘everyone’ can ‘move’, etc. I looked at the door that had been moved and this box was not enabled. As for the JIRA thing, I looked at the links beca
  5. I had been online landscaping for a couple hours, and this happened in the last three hours. The doors have been on the house for six months and work great..no bad scripts. One door was rotated upside down and twisted. And...the username of the last visitor was a sort of tongue-in-cheek name that make it clear they were there to create havoc, if you know what I mean. So...obviously someone was able to do it, I just don't know how.
  6. My friends and I created a detailed landscaped sim, and this week I arrived to find someone had come to the sim and moved/rotated the doors of one of the houses. We have a visitor counter and so I was able to see the last two names and blocked them. But how does someone do this? Is there some setting in 'About Land' or 'Region/Estate' that we have unchecked? Thought it was all covered. How can we prevent it from happening again? I'm worried that we'll log on and find other objects and landscaping moved or edited.
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