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  1. Thank you Lyssa. I did try this and I couldn't get it to work correctly. All I could get it to do was still use the same cache and copy it from one location to the other and deleted the original. I tried both ways of setting it up and both still used the same cache and reacted the same way.
  2. Thank you both for your information. My biggest problem is that when I log in with the working avi, instead of going to its last location, it gets confused and goes to where the fun avi was. If I am testing or trying new skins and such, the avi may not be in a state that is suitable for the location where it logs in. I clear cache almost every time I am in and it still does this. That is why the suggestion was given to separate the caches.
  3. I am using the second life viewer. I have two avatars. One I use for building, learning and decorating which has a large inventory. The other I use to explore, go to concerts and have fun in second life. I have heard that it is better to have separate cache for each to help from keeping my fun avatar from bogging down. Can anyone give me some knowledge here. I am not very technical, so I will need thorough explanations. Thank you for your time and assistance.
  4. Thank you Advisor, I think they both count folders and Second Life is the one that is smaller. It appear that Firestorm is concerned wen they are smaller.
  5. My inventory for Second Life is much smaller than my inventory for Firestorm. Anyone know a fix?
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