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  1. This head could be Utilizator Venus - try grabbing a demo and see if you can get a look close to this one. Not sure about the skin though. Try asking pic's author? I see she is a blogger, she might not mind sharing.
  2. I'd be interested to live and roleplay in a place like this!
  3. With what you are offering, looking for hired help might work better. She has needs to satisfy, you have serious set of ground rules and it looks like you are searching for a tool rather than considering to fully bring a third person into your dynamic.
  4. /me watching forums from a corner seat in Sinners with a cup of borax tinted coffee in hand. @Rhonda Huntress, you've started something.
  5. I probably should have messaged @Moraxo on forums first but - eh. Just went with the whim and immensely enjoyed my time on a sim role playing character's way into the Kru. <3 So tonight in "elven girls united". x)
  6. Maaan, you are doing unspeakable things with my nerdy side. PnP gaming eats up huge chunks of my time for about 15 years. Started first with D&D 2E (our local GM favorite at the time) then jumped between newer editions for a while and played whatever gaming system my friends were into. Few years along the road I came upon World of Darkness and fell in love for a lack of better words. Used to play and run games for Vampire: the Masquerade, but not so much lately as freaking fairies took my sanity away (although Hunger rules in 5th ed. look fascinating). Currently running Changeling:
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