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  1. On 5/18/2018 at 11:25 AM, Orwar said:

    Is the objective of your search from your vicinity to have people in your timezone and who can relate to your cultural perspective, or simply that they're black because, biscuits?

    As a Swede, I'm pretty close to your timezone, but I'm also a dark-blonde, fair-skinned Norseman with no known genetic influences other than Scandinavian and a touch of Wallon, and some possibility of Frankish, Germanic, Finno-Urgic or Balto-Slavic in the past millennia. 

    Not necessarily timezone, just people who can relate to my cultural perspectives. And if you can't relate to my perspectives in my culture, then you at least gotta be a lit, funny individual


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  2. Hey, so I am a bit new to SecondLife, and currently still am in the noob phase.

    I notice a lot of people using mesh? bodies and heads, so I am curious which ones y'all would recommend. Also, being that I am broke on this game lol, where would be the best place to find clothing, hair, skins, and basic essentials for classic avatars/no mesh?? 

    I have seen so many cute stuff, but then i find out that is for mesh bodies :(

        I would really appreiate any help/recommendations y'all could toss my way. I may be financial UNstable, but I deserve to look smexy too :D 

  3. I'm currently looking for a job!! Doesn't really matter what position except, I am NOT looking to work in a club!! 

    Please comment below on this thread, or message me in world for any job opportunities available, thanks!



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