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  1. When entering an SL or teleporting to another region, there are often problems connecting the region. I have to change the region when logging into SL, only after a few attempts I can log in. when teleporting, I just fly out
  2. yes it is, it periodically loses connection with the server
  3. try to enter, it seems to me everything is in order, already fixed
  4. Yesterday half a day there was such a problem for many in Europe
  5. thank you so much that you are trying to help me, I will do it
  6. all are but in the market when I turn to another page, the rating changes to G
  7. In SL I have a category A but in the market today, the second day it shows G
  8. Why is the age of maturity I have changed from category A to category G for two days? I have category A in all places, but the market only shows products of category G Help me please . thank
  9. thank you very much for the advice.I hope it helps
  10. keywords for many items are the same but it only does with this product it does
  11. No, this is not not a sexual word, I deleted it, but everything is again the same, and this word is used in many, but maturity A, does not confer. Thank you for trying to help
  12. automatically assigns maturity A, but the dress does not contain anything frank .Please advise how I can fix this.Thanks
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