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  1. My newest sl obsession is breedable plants.... I log on sl just to watch plants grow.
  2. from what I have heard so far most of the rp hud systems get expensive but from what i have seen it does seem to be the most active and there are all kinds of sims for it. the main sim is just called beYou. the hud is free to grab too there or on mp.
  3. I have been looking around at different rp huds myself and found one called BeYou the other day but haven't had the time to look into it more. There is a main sim and from what i understand even classes for it.
  4. I found this ideology every hurtful. its like you are asking them so are you more boy or more girl....
  5. As a Non-binary person myself I wanted to inform you that many NB folks don't want to be on the "spectrum"
  6. Yea it's the one major thing really keeping me from joining. I can't really look around for the right group for me and don't want to join someone just to turn around and find a better fit for me.
  7. I just wanted to add. Angels and demons don't have public groups meaning you have to join the game before you can join the groups. Its a big pet peeve of mine.
  8. I also have been interested in demon huds. I'm leaning more towards the eternal conflict because it's free and they have resources you can use on sim. I too am more on the casual side and sfw only with rp in SL. The issue I'm having with eternal conflict is you need someone to get you started in it but there are no public groups for it. I'm the kind of person who like to kind of look around before join a clan or whatnot. No public groups makes this kind of hard.
  9. Also wondering if anyone know of some places I could hang out maybe to help in my search? I dont really know any places in sl that are all that good.
  10. I would very much appreciate that! Tell them to feel free to im me in world too if they wish.
  11. I put up panels up at a bunch of places for over a month. I liked boards and even imed people i liked and never got a reply of even a like on my own panels. It seems like its always the same people over and over again at every place too.
  12. Hi I have been thinking about getting but into the family thing in all but a bit discouraged as I am an adult non-human Avi( I'm a demon). I would love to have a family as in like parents and/or siblings around my age but most families I see are looking for children avis. Feel a bit hopeless and lost in my search. I have tired adoption panels and never get a bite. Any tips?
  13. Hello friends and enemies! It is me. Meat and it's a pleasure to greet you. I have been on the hunt for cool people to spend my secondlife time with and thought I would give this forum posting thing a try. ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ About me: I'm a chilled laidback kind of person with a touch of aneixty. Somedays I might talk your ear off others I like to keep to myself. Very open-minded and welcoming to strangers, I can fit into most crowds. I would rather talk things out to the best if my abilities than fight and make drama. I like to stick with my friends. A few long meaningful
  14. Hello I'm Meat. I'm an odd one but over all friendly. I can be anywhere from quiet to chattering. I haven't played much sl so I don't have friends besides my partner who also plays sl and one of our rl friends. I don't have a place and spend my time sim hopping or standing in sandboxes. I enjoy working on my avatar and making outfits( matching outfits are so cool). I'm welcoming to all kinds of avatars, humans, aliens, furries, etc.
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