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  1. I was introduced to sl by a rl high school ex girlfriend. At a young age she began having children irl, and no longer had time for sl. Tried to bring in a different rl ex girlfriend and two rl friends. They couldn't grasp the magic of sl and left. Reversed. Two sl best friends became rl best friends. We've met in person multiple times and text everyday. One sl girlfriend became a rl girlfriend. The sl to rl people lost the magic of sl years ago and left. I haven't bothered to do any crossovers since.
  2. Oh no. Gotta eat my words. I've been a silent lurker of the forums. Off and on for a few years. I enjoy reading what others post. Most of the time. This is my preferred way to people. Nothing against bagnu personally. Simply her threads create many arguments. Needlessly. Some people have been upset to the point of leaving the forums. That's wrong. Even though I abhor attention and do my best to avoid it at all costs, I had to crawl out of my cave and speak my mind on this matter. A lot of people are lonely. Including me. That's the reality of life. No amount of loneliness is a pass to treat others poorly. In fact constantly sowing discomfort or pain (even if unintentional), and telling others to just accept it is bordering on abuse. Around the world people are experiencing stress from Covid, and other matters. Unnecessary fighting feels worse than it would normally. Even though I read from afar, I'm tired of it.
  3. Region settings for places of interest. Places paris 2 for editing and decorating. Blackskymoon to give my eyes a break.
  4. That requires empathy and genuine remorse for hurting others. Which is absent. "Actually, no. I am who I am. There is the ignore....." "I'm me. I deal with consequences, and no one will change me. Period Ever. End of story lol!!!" She stirs up drama for personal enjoyment. "I help people live out their sexual fantasies here, (and make them feel human if they are RL disabled). In RL what I am would be considered immoral. In SL I feel that I'm morally doing the right thing!!!" "None of my clients have ever admitted to having any sort of disability. I'm going on discussions I have had inworld, and what I have read on the internet." Feigning innocence, pretending to be ignorant, and blaming casual cruelty on language differences will only last for so long. The pattern shows that this person thrives off fighting with others. With time her true character will surface, and there won't be any excuses left to use. It's best not to feed trolls. Basic internet 101. This is my first and last post on the matter.
  5. No one should allow cheap slurs of any kind to be used as acceptable lingo. Allies are important. While some autistic people are eloquent enough to speak for themselves, I'm not one of them. I greatly appreciate Amina's input, and all of the valid points she made. Thank you, Amina. You said everything I wish I could've said.
  6. People won't keep their distance from me at the grocery store. Almost had a panic attack over it today.
  7. Hi Syrup. Everyone deserves to feel like they belong somewhere. I hope you find your tribe.
  8. I have ASD. Sensory dysregulation and stimming affects the way I appear in the real world. Last year in sl I started experimenting with wearing headphones and sunglasses on occasion. Just like rl. It's been so much fun finding animations (stims) to occupy my bento hands too. Though in previous years all I wanted was to pass for normal in sl. There was a big struggle between how I wished to appear, and who I really am. Now I'm direct about being a weirdo. Progress. :3 Thank you for the topic.
  9. Banlines are tacky. It's nice of you to care about them. A security orb would solve your problem. You can whitelist your people. There's no need to engage intruders since the orb gives an automated message. I personally add neighbors that are connected to my parcels as well. Just in case they accidentally step over the property line or even want to look around. Ymmv.
  10. 700-800 for a 2-3 room skybox. More if landscaping is needed.
  11. Hi! This sounds similar to what I'd write in search of friends. No room needed. Feel free to im me in world if you'd like.
  12. Acquaintances, discord and skype. Actual friends, my phone number. If you're looking for something more anonymous, kik might be an option.
  13. Yus! Exploring mainland is so much fun. That church sounds hilarious and slightly creepy. Kind of sad it doesn't exist anymore. The wall tunnel you speak of. Shh. It's a secret. Arton Rotaru vehicles handle at an even, steady pace. They make sightseeing worthwhile. Horseback is fun too. Once spotted a huge castle filled with bouncy balls. Publicly accessible. Also came across a ufo crash with lots of bizarre things on site. Avatars in the middle of nowhere... Sometimes, I'm in unpopulated mainland areas or at the bottom of the ocean sorting inventory, opening boxes, or decompressing in general. No idea what others are up to. One aspect that never grows old is catching opposites, like a hobbit home next to a vampire castle. Neighbors with seemingly vast differences, residing harmoniously beside each other, always brings a smile to my face. As Tari mentioned, prim buildings are lovely. For a virtual world to retain a sense of history, well, that's kind of a marvel.
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