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  1. Looking at Deadwool sock textures like 🔎
  2. Yus! Welcome to the losers club. ❤️ Doing happy flappy hands for you irl.
  3. Peeve: wet socks I'm a dumb-dumb that seems to find every damp place when my feet are clothed.
  4. As long as the misogynist is a friend it seems to be all good. Love the ad. Since that's what bangu wants to do to talli. I have nothing against Scylla. Even like her name. Hey, hey Scylla and Charybdis. Simply. The hypocrisy is hilariously absurd..
  5. Toe walking crew checking in. 💗 Still do this all the time.
  6. SL has changed. There used to be far more discussion groups, and educators giving free lectures on topics they love. It was much easier to begin spur of the moment conversations with people. Even a social idiot like me managed to make friends in the past. These days a lot of green dots on the map will lead to an adult content place. Or music venues. Not my cup of Earl Grey, but ymmv. LL does have a suburban town though. Bellisseria.
  7. My loving partner. The safety and health of family and friends. Having access to a kind therapist that will still call me out when I need a reality check. Financial stability during this horrid pandemic. Being able to provide socially distant acts of service to those in need.
  8. Typing "voice" into the viewer search brings up a few options.
  9. Pogo! How did I forget him. I liked him a lot too. Oh yeah. That weird building where the dad was working on stuff. Can't wait to see what that's about. My partner keeps asking if I want to watch The Boys. It's time to queue it up.
  10. I don't know about asexual in particular. It'd be really nice if someone could compile a list of g-rated (nonsexual) places where people actually gather and chat.
  11. Five is my fave. Grouchy, funny old man in an adolescent body. Vanya least fave. It seems kind of selfish to blow the world up because she's sad. Fave part probably the dynamic between Klaus and Ben. I'm a sucker for odd duos. What are your fave parts? Any theories or hopes for s3?
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