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  1. I've been renting land that has 1127 prims total and it costs me 987 a week. That would be like 485 or something for you, also my friend wants to help me pay as well so even lower if and when she does. She won't be using any prims either. I already went ahead and made my house and decorated and everything since no one messaged me. I didn't use the house in the post, I used another one since that one is too big for just 1 person. I'm willing to delete all my hard work and start over so we can both make something that we both like. IM me if interested! :3
  2. Still looking, I dunno if bumping your post is wrong here but if so then I'll stop. Sorry! ?
  3. I've rented my own land that has 1127 prims and it's in a good place with no lag, and it's pretty huge. For only about 980 a week, I'm still looking for people to rent with me. I've made my house and everything, the house above I did not use because it is too big for just me. I'm willing to delete all my hard work and redo everything if anyone would like to live together with me. Or if you like what I did, we can keep it. Let me know if you wanna rent with me! IM me in-world @ "Jixxur". <----
  4. Still looking, please read my profile in-world to get to know me a bit before messaging if you'd like. If you want to know more then talk to me! :3
  5. This is all very true, I'm just waiting to see if anyone would be interested in doing this with me. Then we could talk about it. The sims that I checked were actually pretty nice and didn't have all those huge ugly buildings in it. But building it up in the sky all alone sounds fun too.
  6. Actually I found a lot of good land in nice sims for very cheap with a lot of prims. Even cheaper than what I previously said. Lemme know if you're interested! IM me in-world @ "Jixxur".
  7. I found a pretty nice place in a good looking sim so if anyone is interested we could buy the land I found, or we can look for more if you're not happy for it. The land I found has 1614 prims and the area is 1920, price is 1515 a week. So we'd both pay half and half if it was only me and 1 other, or if there was 3 of us we'd pay about 505 each. Could also have up to 4 people even, who knows. Let me know if you wanna do this with me.
  8. (I know I've already posted 1 time in this forum but unfortunately I can't delete it.) Hi! I'm just coming back to SL after a 4 month break and I'd like to rent some land again, but I'd like to rent with 1 or 2 other people who would want to share my house. I haven't searched for land to rent yet, I'd like to see if anyone wants to rent with me would like to help me with it so we're all happy with the spot and size and the price as well. My house consists of: 4 bedrooms - 1 master(upstairs), 2 bedrooms upstairs, 1 bedroom downstairs. I also have a small little office room, not
  9. Looking for other lonely people to become friends with. Honestly I just stand around all day doing nothing but be cute. Preferably other cute females. :3 Guys usually just wanna do naughty things. (Don't care about RL gender.) IM me in-world @ "Jixxur". I'm online almost 24/7, message me and see if we'd be good for each other.
  10. Just so we're clear, I was sleeping and woke up and messaged Ashlyn back. Then we became friends. In case anyone was wondering. ?
  11. Before you read, I don't care what gender you are in real life, just as long as you're a female avatar. I'm a male in real life playing as a female avatar. Why? Because I was given the option to and I'd rather play as a female than a male. Hello! I'm looking for a female partner, someone who's active and doesn't just play for an hour or a couple hours a day. I have no life I'll be honest, I'm on my PC almost 24/7, so I'm trying to find someone who is the same or similar to me. I'm looking for someone chill, someone who likes to joke around and have fun and isn't serious all the time
  12. Still looking for people to rent with, like I said above, we can use my house or your house or do something else. We will talk and figure it out! Please IM me in-world, search up "Jixxur" to find me. :3 ♥
  13. Still looking if anyone would like to rent land and live with me, can be multiple people if you have friends or family or a partner who wants too as well. We could use my house, which is pictured above and described in my post, or we can use your house. OR we can buy a new house or do something else, we'll figure it all out! Just IM me in-world @ "Jixxur"! :3
  14. Thank you very much, I was able to make a new outfit from you! ♥ ♥ ♥
  15. I'm trying to find a shirt and pants/shorts that have asian letters on them. Like for example, just a white plain t-shirt with asian letters on it. Or maybe a white t-shirt with a picture of a k-pop star on it or something. Can be any color or any type of shirt, it was just an example. Also some pants or sweatpants with asian letters running down the side or front of the leg(s), or shorts or something, if this exists at all. If anyone knows of any then please let me know! I've been looking on the market but can't seem to find anything.
  16. Hi hi! I'm looking for someone to rent land with and to live in my house with, someone to half/split the rent with me. It could be just me and 1 other, or 2 others or 3 others, doesn't matter to me! The more the better, we can all split the rent and live together. The house is very big, it cost me $5K lindens to buy and I am not using it right now so I'd like to actually rent land and live in it. The house has ... 4 bedrooms, 1 downstairs and 3 upstairs with 1 master bedroom being upstairs. 3 bathrooms, 2 upstairs and 1 downstairs. 2 living rooms and 1 ki
  17. Hi hi. c: I'm looking for people to become friends with and to hang out with, do fun stuff together. We could do anything you wanted, we could explore new places, take pictures, play board games or something. I'm not quite sure what all there is to do on SL. I haven't done much or explored many places, it would be nice to find someone who is willing to show me new things/places. If anyone is interested in being my friend then IM me in-world @ "Jixxur", just search me up! :3 Thank you. ♥
  18. OOOOH, yeah it is no transfer. Sorry I'm dumb.... Well this post is useless, nevermind then! :3 If someone could delete this, that'd be awesome sauce.
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