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  1. I'm in search of a scripter to collaborate with, on my upcoming projects. I create full Bento avatars and am working on Bento heads, currently. Scripter will be in charge of scripting the HUDs, such as applier HUDs and face animation HUDs. Being able to create GUI will be considered an advantage but is not necessary. Have a look at my store META for a better idea of my work. Contact me here or in-world if you are interested.
  2. Hello, introducing myself, I've been creating mesh content for the grid ever since I joined SL. I recently started selling an all new complete Bento male avatar base (head and body, all in one) called " Neo Avatar " under my brand, META. The avatar uses standard SL UVs, crossing over to BoM compatibility is only natural. ARC of current build of the avatar is around mere 5K, 5362 to be precise, but it can be much lower once I get rid of the onion layers and use BoM for texturing. As mentioned in the MP description for my product, I intend to release BoM version of Neo as a separate product even if all existing customers of the current version will receive the update for free. The new version powered by BoM will be uni-layered, single mesh, seamless avatar that can take any standard system layer. I don't expect the market to instantly change it's course so both appliers compatible version and BoM version will be available as different products, at least until the market adapt to new standards.
  3. META is a new brand for mesh avatars in SL. We currently have a full male mesh avatar (Bento) that meets all criteria required for a mainstream mesh body/avatar in SL. We are looking for some to join our team, who can handle the marketing/promotion side for the current and upcoming products. The tasks include, advertising for the products through social media and helping us get into various shopping events in-world. If anyone is interested and feels up to the tasks, please contact me directly in SL and we can discuss further details involved and payment.
  4. I am launching a new brand [META] and already have a potential mainstream product almost ready except for the HUD. It's a Bento male avatar with skin, that use SL UV maps (Omega compatible). Body, head, eyes, lashes, nails etc are all fully rigged. Tattoo layers and alpha cuts are done and work flawlessly. Skin and variations are also ready for market. GUI for the HUD is not finalized but have a detailed prototype is there. I'm looking for a scripter, someone who's reliable to work long-term and preferably with experience on such projects who can finish the HUDs quickly (sooner it's finished more monies we make ). Anyone interested in collaborating on this project and the ones to follow, please reply here or directly contact me IW. Here is a sneak peek on the WIP:
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