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  1. http://www.cliftonforgesl.info/rules My changes didn't save last night.
  2. Since the url wasn't working, I bought a domain! You can visit us online here.
  3. Hi everyone! I thought I would attach the link and our season hook! We are looking for humans, vampires, witches, and werewolves. We like PARA rp! Come play with us. We're friendly. I promise! Enter the intrigue of Clifton Forge, a sleepy city nestled in idyllic mountains, where blissful everyday living masks a darker and more turbulent truth. Attacks by wild-beasts are becoming an all too common rationale for the rising body-count; the unknown animals growing bolder and even leaving bodies in the lesser occupied areas of the city-proper. Meanwhile the glamour of a wealthy populati
  4. Woo! Looking at approvals now. We are opening tomorrow so things have been cray! Come hang out with us. Woo hoo! Can't wait to see ya.
  5. Yes. We're writers. We want to write. If I wanted to roll dice, I'd play DND. Which I do. Just not online.
  6. So this sim was created out of love. My friends and I missed supernatural/urban sims that were actually pretty? Why can't sims be pretty and just have gritty stories? In response to you Catrie, we want the characters to be in control of their own path. Yes, we'll have an overarching story in place that folks can jump into, but I personally find the most joy in creating stories with other characters. The world we created is beautiful, but a magical fog has settled onto the city, allowing things like, VAMPIRES, to walk around more freely. This ain't twilight. They don't sparkle. Rolepla
  7. Bruh, I'm just trying to find someone that writes a decent paragraph.
  8. Oh, hello. I'm opening a sim with my friends on August 9th and I'm looking for a knight in shining armour to save my character from some dire ass circumstances. Our sim is rooted in supernatural so you must be okay with rping in that world even though my character, Olivia, is human. What do I want? I want someone active. Someone who paras. Someone who just doesn't want to bone my pixels. I want someone who is creative and willing to contribute to a story. I like pretty avi's. I like writerly posts. I'm married in RL so I'm not looking for anything OOC. It's just not my style, fam.
  9. So. My friends and I missed rping in a Supernatural world. So we created one. I often find it super discouraging to go to a Supernatural sim and have it be ALL supernaturals. Where dem humans doh? I think humans are an essential component in a supernatural world. THEY CREATE CONFLICT. To me, supernatural sims are always the most interesting if they are nestled in realism. We open August 9th. If you want some deetz, find me on SL-- LucyElaine. Pictures attached to get u HYPE.
  10. Hello! I have been trying to adjust the windlight for my new roleplaying parcel for days now! I have used the following string: /*Windlight Sky: "[name of the preset]"*/ I have placed it in the parcel description but nothing is happening! Of course I have removed brackets and entered the preset exactly as it is. What in the heck am I doing wrong?
  11. Hi— looking for a modern rp sim with some good para rpers. Trying to stay away from sims that require a hud! Open to supernatural sims as well.
  12. Hi All, I'm just getting back into RP after going on a hiatus for a few years. Looking for a potential partner that could fit in my current character's storyline. I currently rp exclusively on Unnatural-- I like the rp there because it's semi to para. A bit of background on my character: Lucy was born to Lydia and Stephen McDowell in Baltimore, Maryland in 1996. Her parents, both financial advisers at Meryl Lynch, raised her and her sister Abigail in a house full of financial security and love. After her sister's mysterious disappearance in 2017, Lucy moved to Missing Mile and to f
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