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  1. Thanks for the reply Wulfie. I still don't fully understand what's going on, but it seems to be linked to one HUD in particular that the shooter is wearing and which is sending those two extra objects. Without this extra HUD on, I don't shoot them. I cannot access the source code of that HUD, but I'll close this down. I have enough data anyway for what I'm doing.
  2. Howdy friends, I found this gun script on the wiki http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Gun_Script, so I wanted to try it out but I'm baffled by the names of the colliding objects. I also created a physical non-scripted bullet called "bullet 1.0" as described and placed it into the inventory. With the help of a friendly and helpful alt 😄, I have a HUD recording the incoming collisions and have it llSay the llDetectedName(0). So, I go into mousemode, aim for the alt and bang!... "bullet 1.0" is seen flying across the land. Works well and straight out of the box. I expected the HUD to tell me "You've been hit by bullet 1.0". Instead, it tells me I've been hit by "webshot" or ">:)" If I walk straight into the actual bullet still lying on the ground, my HUD tells me I've collided with "bullet 1.0". There's nowhere in the gun script that sends another bullet object or changes the name on the fly. Where does "webshot" and ">:)" come from? 🌻
  3. oooh! Nice one. Never thought of using notecards that way. Thanks ❤️
  4. Hey, Thank you all for your responses. I ended up increasing the number of steps (ns) in the animation loop, and that's best idea I could come up with. Not perfect, but it'll do
  5. Hi Wulfie, Yes, I've increased ns to 60. It does smoothes things up, no doubt, but still a bit edgy. And it obviously add to the time it takes for an action to complete, but if that's the way it is then... You know when you move or resize an object using its handle, the action you see on the screen is very smooth. Is there a way in SL to achieve this smoothness?
  6. Dear community, I picked up a set of curtains from a friend, and there's a nice script that controls its opening/closing sequences. It's working fine, but the sequences require a bit of tuning in order to make the sequences smoother, especially after having increased the size of the curtains on the x axis. Here's the snippet that does it all, I've kept the rest of the script hidden cos it's not really useful. All it really does is resetting the size of the curtain in a while loop. There are 4 curtains total, each one with that script in. Then they are all linked up together. Can someone point me in the right direction and offer some advice on sliding curtains in a smooth manner? Do let me know if you need further details. vector offset = <1,0,0>; //Prim moves/changes size along this local coordinate float hi_end_fixed = FALSE; //Which end of the prim should remain in place when size changes? //The one with the higher (local) coordinate? float min = 0.2; //The minimum size of the prim relative to its maximum size integer ns = 10; //Number of distinct steps for move/size change open_me() { integer i; do llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_SIZE, llGetScale() - offset, PRIM_POSITION, llGetLocalPos() + ((hi_end_fixed * offset) * llGetLocalRot())]); while ((++i) < ns); offset = - offset; }
  7. Hey, Thanks all for your responses. You are confirming what LindenLab told me.... When I clicked on it, i got spooked by a SSL certificate error with that URL, and having encountered a few dodgy URLs related to SL before, I decided to err on the side of caution. Happy end!
  8. Hi, I spotted a weird-looking link on that page: https://land.secondlife.com/en-US/lindenhomes/my-home.php I think you need to have a premium account and got yourself a linden house in order to access that page. Anyway, towards the bottom, you have a link that says "Personalize your new home" that points to https://www.xstreetsl.com/. It doesn't look like a genuine *.secondlife.com URL at first glance. Or does it?? I would expect something like lindenhomes.secondlife.com or marketplace.secondlife.com.... You see what I mean? I submitted a support ticket... just wanted to warn people while this is being looked at... I'll post the response here.
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