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  1. 9 minutes ago, Mergirlfaerie said:

    Hi. I "detached" a sweater I was wearing and now the top half of my torso is invisible. Please help!

    Hello mergi,  its better for you to start a new topic rather than discussing your problem here. 

    Anyway, have you try to re wear the sweater? You can do it by right click the sweater in the inventory then click wear

  2. The free dove,  and also a brazil sim called 'ajuda sl brazil' where you can get full bento mesh body for free. 

    But you can also go to certain store where they offer group gifts, lucky letter, and midnight mania. For instance, you can try to go to sintiklia, a hair store, where they offer lucky letter and youll get good quality hair for free. And the other option is you can try to go to hilly haalan and join their group and you will get free clothes. You can im me inworld and i will tell you other stores that offer free stuff:D

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  3. 19 minutes ago, Derekmate said:

    I can tell you why you not going to find anybody. 

    You have a bad attitude. 

    You just demand. Must be maesh must be voice. But you offer nothing not even that you introduce yourself and you r partner. 

    You don't even bother yourself that upload a profile picture. 

    And then you post a but hurt post that nobody want to come and play with you. And if somebody I know that kinda posts.  

    BTW I know a few Bi girl some of them even post in this forum.



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