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  1. Are you looking for a date, but are afraid that your sexual styles won't match? With so many different styles and ways to get intimate in SL, one avi's style might not match yours. For some people that could be a deal breaker, no matter how much you connect on other levels. If that sexual chemistry is important to you, and you'd like to know if you match in that respect before you begin the dating process, then this group is for you. Step 1: Fill out the questionnaire below and send it to me and join the Sexual Roleplay Connections group, found in my profile. I will copy and paste the questionnaire into a separate notecard to remove the "created by" tag and remove any references to your name, making it completely anonymous. Step 2: Each week, I will send out a notice with the anonymous forms. You can look through them, and if you see someone whose form catches your attention, you can ask me to send your form to them. Step 3: If that person also likes your profile and accepts being connected to you, then both of your system names will be revealed to each other. Then, you two are on your own! I'd like to eventually come up with a more high-tech way of going about this, perhaps a website like AVMatch.com, but for now it will be done by hand. The group is currently free. If it becomes popular, there will be an entrance fee to keep out the riff raff and limit it to the serious roleplayers. All orientations and preferences are welcome! Look me up in game to find the group. We are just getting started, so please understand that you won't be flooded with potential lovers right away. Questionnaire: ((please copy and paste this into a notecard and send it to me in game)) *Required All other questions are optional System Name: Display/Character Name: ((For internal record only; will only be revealed to those you want to connect with)) <<< ROLE PLAY INFO >>> -Describe yourself- *Species: *Gender: [ ] Male [ ] Female [ ] Fluid/other Age: Sexual style: [ ] Dominant [ ] Submissive [ ] Aggressive [ ] Passive [ ] BDSM -You are looking for- Species: *Gender: [ ] Male [ ] Female [ ] Flexible Age: Sexual style: [ ] Dominant [ ] Submissive [ ] Aggressive [ ] Passive [ ] BDSM Commitment: [ ] Dating [ ] Long term relationship [ ] Partnership [ ] Polyamory [ ] Monogamy [ ] Just having fun [ ] NSA sexual partner <<< RL INFO >>> Age: Gender: [ ] Male [ ] Female [ ] Fluid/other General play times: <<< SAMPLE RP >>> ((Please include an emote exactly the way it would appear in your chat log, including timestamp. Basically, emote somewhere and copy and paste it directly in. Your name will be removed for anonymity.))
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