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  1. Seems like they're aware. grid status has been updated to reflect the issue
  2. I am also having login issues. Unable to load on both viewers despite troubleshooting done on my personal network and computer the issue remains. Unsure of what the procedure is now other than waiting to see if it'l come back.
  3. As per my username, I'm Gaure also known as Lamb. 28yo Montrealer. I have owned this account for a few years but never actually got around to using it til summer 2017 and built myself a fairly respectable looking avatar. Although i can afford many things, employment here has always been a blank so dont expect any experience in any field when it comes to SL jobs. IRL i work in technology (no I'm no programmer and i know nothing about coding/scripting) I am from the world of IMVU where i was a manager, promoter etc from various developers and graphic artists. I know my
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