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  1. Hey everybody, just chiming in to read the posts. Some of you guys have made some pretty eloquent points, and I think the SLMC having its own sub-forum would be a good idea. However, considering that other communities, many of which are larger, do not have their own section, then I can understand why we wouldn't have our own section of the forums to begin with. That said, I think we should, as LLCS is an "official" combat system built within LL regions and parcels as a function you're free to use. It's as close to an "official" system you can probably get within SL. With that being said, I feel as if character assassinations, such as this: Are not only the opposite of what is essential for the SLMC in terms of representing ourselves outside the SLMC, but also not the way the rest of the SLMC feels, speaking from personal experience interacting with the various groups within the SLMC as a whole. Reading through many of these posts, I've noticed that many of the non-SLMC people have brought up very valid points. Paraphrasing here, some have said that other, larger communities do not have their own section, or that the SLMC simply isn't large enough. Your response, Parx, in the quoted post, was to accuse people you're trying to persuade of twisting your words, playing the victim (make me out to be the bad guy), mentioning Hitler,, and then mentioning me as if people outside the community have any frame of reference as to who this "Wyatt Vanistok" is. Which is me. Through that, you're not only changing the subject, but also ironically making the SLMC look even worse by mentioning somebody that you believe to be this prime example of a terrible person within the community. If I were you, I wouldn't mention the people in the community you yourself believe to be terrible, chiefly because it doesn't help persuading those outside the SLMC of our legitimacy as a community. I'm not going to defend such misdirection's as this isn't the place nor time to do so. However, I will be happy to do so upon request. If we're not being granted a place in the forums, I disagree with that, but I can understand why with the reasons given. If people were to have the perception that the SLMC isn't a place with decently respectful people in it, then you've blatantly demonstrated that by arguing with the people you are trying to persuade in such a disrespectful manner.
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