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  1. The rotation controlled by the camera movement
  2. Well, it is rotating by llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(2,[PRIM_ROT_LOCAL,<0,0,rot.z,rot.s>]); So just moving around the z axis
  3. Hi! I have some problems with rotating I would like to trigger an event (loop a sound, while an object rotating (linked object, nonphysical, and not rotating by llTargetOmega). So the best would be to get something like integer isrotating = TRUE or FALSE But I also thought if that is not possible, to get the value of the rotation of the z axis and trigger the even if the rotation value changing (so decreasing -- of increasing ++) Any of these are possible? Also there is a way to limit of the rotation of an axis, so stop at between two angles?
  4. Hi! I am looking for a grandfathered full sim, IM me (KecskeShajt), if you have one to sell.
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