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  1. I didn't find any image of the railroads of Bellisseria, so I made one.The red lines are the railroads, the yellows squares are the stations, and the two community areas next to the stations. Rez zones are marked with a yellow "R". I put some of those that I found near the stations. The nortwest sections can't be used from the switch in Gully Wash, since both guides are active on the switch (that zone is still under construction).
  2. Years ago you could do it for a limited time, but not anymore.
  3. Because you can't upgrade a sim to grandfathered. And for those the transfer fee is 300 usd.
  4. So far two specific offers arrived, with 1100 and 1200 usd (+transaction). If there won't be more offers, I will close it in two days.
  5. A private grandfathered sim, named Budapest is for sale. Billing date is 28th in every month, 209 USD. Please send me an IM too if you are interested. The transaction must happen before 26th - in HUF/EUR/USD, until then I am taking offers. The transfer fee must be paid by the buyer too. The land was rented, everything is up to you what do you want to do with the sim, you can keep the location and the name, whatever you would like to.
  6. Hi, I am offering a 30000 prim full sim for rent on a small continent. Contact me, KecskeShajt Ichibara if you are interested. Sim location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Budapest/0/0/22
  7. Well, it is rotating by llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(2,[PRIM_ROT_LOCAL,<0,0,rot.z,rot.s>]); So just moving around the z axis
  8. Hi! I have some problems with rotating I would like to trigger an event (loop a sound, while an object rotating (linked object, nonphysical, and not rotating by llTargetOmega). So the best would be to get something like integer isrotating = TRUE or FALSE But I also thought if that is not possible, to get the value of the rotation of the z axis and trigger the even if the rotation value changing (so decreasing -- of increasing ++) Any of these are possible? Also there is a way to limit of the rotation of an axis, so stop at between two angles?
  9. Hi! I am looking for a grandfathered full sim, IM me (KecskeShajt), if you have one to sell.
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