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  1. Sale of land is no longer available. Please ignore this advertisement.
  2. Both are located in a snow covered landscape and are remotely located in the middle of nowhere. 🏔️ 1024 m^2 = L$ 2500 💙 512 m^2 = L$ 1500 💙 SLURL: Parcel Locations 🔶
  3. Hello, the names Artemis! I'm a millennial (useful if anyone's looking for a potential friend within their age demographic, lol). While here, I enjoy talking to other friendly people, gaming in-world, shopping, exploring mainland sims, participating in the SLMC, and decorating my land. 😄 I don't take myself to seriously, I'm down to earth, I like to make my own fun, and am generally friendly! I'm not too certain what will come out of this, maybe we'll become good SL friends or acquaintances, either way, here's my small shout into the void! 😋
  4. Apologies for inviting others to check the group out, I had no ill intention at all. I'm really just hoping to bring people together and make some new friendships, hence my first line, of asking how to do RP in SL. Timeline aside, I feel as though we're relatively new, as activity is sporadic most days, with only a handful of regulars. I'm just hoping to learn more about RP in general so I can help implement it, as an activity, in this still developing group. Lastly, thank you for those taking the time to explain role play in SL, all I really know is that, I've seen people using something call
  5. Hi there, I'm hoping to establish a role play scene within a Star Wars, Mandalorian group that I hang out with. I'm completely new to the RP community and I'm wondering where to begin in terms of starting role play scenarios. We're a fairly new group called, Ne'tra Gaan that's been around for about a year now, and at the moment, we participate in FPS combat against similar groups -- I'm hoping to add RP to our list of activities! If you're looking for a pleasant group of people to hang out with, we're open to anyone wanting to have some good fun and be apart of our growing community
  6. Ayo! The names ArtemisMeraki, hit me up in-world home slice. Always down for standing around, a time honored SL tradition imo and meme sharing.
  7. ===Mainland FOR SALE=== Selling four beautiful roadside, lakefront properties in the low-lag and clutter free region of Opera. Contact ArtemisMeraki for additional information. CLICK SLURLs TO VISIT. □ 01 - 1248m^2 - 428 land capacity - L$ 36,417 □ 02 - 1232m^2 - 422 land capacity - L$ 36,417 □ 03 - 912m^2 - 313 land capacity - L$ 36,417 □ 04 - 1104m^2 - 379 land capacity - L$ 36,417
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