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  1. the price is same with catwa, L$5000, but for me I gonna use it entire time. But of course go demo it with the shapes, skin, etc.
  2. Currently I love Lelutka Andrea more than Catwa. I just love how natural the animation is and the HUD is pretty nice.
  3. Vale Koer has bento Smartphone that really great. You can customize the phone case as well and it plays bento animation like scrolling and texting (I think talking when doing voice).
  4. I got myself geralt but I'm kinda disappointed on the crotch area that the skin got stretch out when i increase the slider of saddle bags. Also some AO especially when my avi stretch out his legs, the stretched skin become really noticable. So I think it's not really suited for using bare undies.
  5. Hello, the latex outfit I find for men nowadays is from 4BIDDEN and NOCHE. You can take a look those stores. Cheers
  6. I feel you, I really need more unusual outfit in SL than those, boring, t-shirt with logo and stuff, polo, etc. If only I have more knowledge to create outfit like that, I'm gonna make plenty of those unique outfit.
  7. They only focused on buying ? sadly ?
  8. Thank you guys for those who replying to me to give explanation about my statement. I do understand that blogging a hard work and not just putting picture and text and BOOM! "I'm blogging as well! Now sponsor me! ?" Also I'm quite thankful with the blogs out there because I can find the store to shop for. So yeah, not all blogs are bad. Just those who over edit the outfit that gives false advertisement is wrong to me. My 2 linden dollars. ?
  9. I don't know, but those "blogger" I see who promotes creator's mesh makes me think they do it to get their favourite creator's mesh without paying at all, so the payment is their blog. Maybe I'm wrong thinking like this, but that's what I thought with all of this "blogging" on flickr.
  10. I actually confused with how Mudskin made male skin for Genus head, because I tried the demo and the head is floating like it need omega neck for it, and the head shape is too "girly" as well. Was doubt with it till now
  11. If you looking for crossdress outfit, Cubura has some of that kind of outfit.
  12. 1) I can recommend Belleza Jake over Signature Gianni or Gerald, but what I hate on Gerald is the alpha that different from Gianni. It makes you can't alpha on open shirt. 2)You can check on Stray Dog and Birth. Those 2 are my favourite 3) While female's head is more variant because of omega, male is different. Mostly on male's head skin applier, like Stray Dog and Birth, majority using catwa applier. 4) Same as number 3
  13. Some people here are pretty nice actually, kindly helping and answering question as best as they can. ❤️
  14. Oh well, guess it can't be helped then. The shape is mostly like this With a thick butt behind Thank you guys for replying
  15. So I was buying wrong body mesh for female. Wanted to buy Slink Physique but ended up buying Slink Hourglass (Oh well, I'll just accept this). Been modify the shape to make it "less" thick. The problem only left on the butt. Is Hourglass designed to have thick butt? Thank you
  16. I have Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni, and Kuroo for male body Catwa Daniel and Vista Gerard for male head Slink Hourglass for female body Utilizator Normie Head and M3 Head for female head (M3 for Kuroo body)
  17. If I remember correctly someone said it's from daz 3d's model. It's not from second life's body mesh.
  18. Hello, I'm looking clothes that has permission to modify for Belleza Jake or Signature Gianni. For example the clothes like from dufaux has one that modify the clothes texture. Thank you
  19. With method changing gender while editing the physics, the chest and butt worked on male. But yeah, I guess I'll go ask on signature support about it EDIT: Only gianni's chest worked on physics but the butt not working, maybe because gianni's butt too small compared with belleza jake?
  20. So I use the method to use female's physics work on male. For belleza jake, it's working fine on chest and butt. But why on signature gianni it's only working on chest? I even maximize the butt size but it still not jiggles. Is it because gianni's butt not physics supported? ?
  21. I always use advance lightning to achieve my skin looks oily/glossy since I love them.
  22. I'm a man and I love playing ken doll (dressing) ? Sex only happens to me when I'm bored.
  23. It's still not available on the download page, still only Beta 1 available. It's my must need option since i usually shopping at events and stuff with full of sim landed there . Can't wait it released officially~
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