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  1. On 7/29/2019 at 3:05 AM, Skell Dagger said:

    In which one of TMP's most vocal critics decides to at least give this new body a try. As honest a review about the demoing experience as I can manage, but ultimately, when you finally get the damn thing on? Yeah, it's gorgeous, I was flush with L$, so I bought it.

    Review (and eating of words) here.


    Well... this is really makes me want to buy the Legacy... 😩

    That body, especially when Birth supported that body now... 😩

    Decision decision...

  2. On 3/4/2019 at 6:52 PM, Arduenn Schwartzman said:

    Sit scripts with which you can set up and adjust sit positions and rotations with rapid arrow key taps, rather than tediously clicking on "X+' or "Y-" dialog buttons with 2-second intervals between each click.


    Oh yes please! It's quite annoying to do the X+ and Y- to adjust the sit position with 2 seconds delay each click.

  3. 13 hours ago, Zeta Vandyke said:

    I have a female catwa one, I agree the big master hud is is not the best on the market. I know for the female one there's also the mini master hud, putting all the most used options in one much better managable hud. Maybe the male version has that too?

    If I remember correctly, My catwa daniel and catwa dude don't have that mini HUD. Only female head has mini HUD...

  4. Hello, I have myself Lelutka Guy and, in my opinion, I prefer that over Catwa Stanley (Because uh, I prefer Lelutka overall since I love the animations). Some head applier maker already made some for it like Stray Dog, Clef de Peau, and Not Found. After you bought the head, you will get head applier from Stray Dog from tone 01 to tone 10.

    But be wary because that head only compatible with Belleza Jake now. If you use Signature Gianni or other body, there's some disconnect between neck and body.

  5. I almost intrigued with the Legacy body to be honest. It looks good on male... But L$5000 and no omega support... 😥

    I do agree the HUD is quite annoying. It depends on the media like... why? 🤨

  6. I can recommend Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni, but avoid Signature Geralt and TMP. The problem with Geralt is the slider around waist area is bad, the texture on your crotch will stretched if you increased the slider. Also even it works with Gianni skin applier, I see it not that good compared with default skin one. TMP is too expensive and L$5000 and not omega supported? No ma'am.

  7. Currently I have Aeros, SKNK, and Cheerno's Nexus. I love using them all but to be honest, Cheerno is my favourite because it match flawlessly with my stray dog's skintone.

    SKNK has nice animation like, when you become the "bottom", you can put it like up and down and adjust the speed of it.

    I like aeros but I hate how big the complexity is.

    EDIT: Adding Birth as well but i kinda dislike it.

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  8. On 3/28/2019 at 6:56 PM, Lureo said:

    I explain : Where are different mesh male body ? You have 2 or 3 and they are very expensive. exept altamura but with limited cloth ... You don't have any mesh male avi like for female you have lara and many other alternatives. Male are disadvantaged. That is a fact !!!

    The difference is, one has bubble butts one has flat butt (Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni) 👀

  9. Hello, just wondering if any of you like playing SL alone, like you just login, dressing up your avi and stuff, continue decorate your parcel, go shopping, and then log off? :)

    For me, since my old friends and lover mostly gone and dunno where to met, I ended up staying at my parcel all time and playing like The Sims :D

    How about you guys?


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  10. I do love belleza jake now after i ditched to gianni all day cuz 2 years not leaving beta. Can tattoo the arm separately, improved neck, hand pose, and more alpha on ankle. The minus is just the alpha hud using dark color instead green that makes me quite hard to alpha sometimes. Overall I'm happy with how jake leave beta state. 😄😄

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