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  1. Ive heard of squatting in second life, what is this is it a way to buil a free house like a skybox? I have a house and furniture in my inventory but have no where to put it, please help me find a place to call home!!!!
  2. For some reason I cant find you in the search thing, maybe you could try to message me in world or something
  3. I would be so glad to be a rommate with you seeing as I have had experience in a wolf pack aswell, I dont know about renting though, you can contact me in game or here ill be on from 12-11 am to pm most likely.
  4. Hi, im new to second life and im currently looking for place to stay as well as make new friends. I dont really know how this game works so I would love it if I had a home and a roommate to teach me, please contact me if anyone is availibe.
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