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  1. Hello, looking for someone willing to design a custom themed trophy, i.e. cup or similar. The theme is adult one, but the trophy doesn't have to be. I'm of course willing to pay for this ;) Contact me if interested. Abelinn
  2. Sorry for confusion. The Skye parts of the beach are fine as they are. Mostly I'd like a bit more of the water, a bit more of the water depth, some sand textured seabed. I'd like to be able to swim in the water using the gypsy swimball rezzer. I imagine editing the terrain from the beach parts, so it follows the inclination, then adding some prims or even better sculpts over that, and texture those. As for the beach itself, I wouldn't mind improving, using trees or bush to hide worse parts...
  3. Hello, I have a beach, cca 120 meters wide, 10 meters long. It was built using Studio Skye set. I would like it improved - edit terrain so one can go into water with realistic feeling, add texture of sand on the ground, make it more smooth when the separate parts connect.. Of course best is to see it inworld to settle the details. As for you, of course I'd like someone who has some experience with building. Contact me if you are interested. Abelinn
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