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  1. I thought the same thing at first, and I tried logging in at a few different places and times, however after looking up a few things on the topic, I found that there is a slight difference between the messages that have ENTIRELY different meaning.. I found this thing about "Login Failure" literally the only difference is the "Login failed" at the beginning of the mesage.
  2. A lot of Second Life's emails DO get filtered into my junk folder but I do receive them, I mostly have a lot of group announcement emails, unless there's another address that SL uses that's getting blocked completely (That might deal with more official emails.) I don't know really.. I'm using Outlook, but I did have an issue with getting SOME emails in Gmail before, maybe something just happened to it, eather way I'm pretty sure I'm suspended and it's not much longer anyway, I was/am just worried about lasting effects that could hinder my experience on Second Life. I
  3. I have a few emails, but I checked my account for the starting letters to tell which one it was to make sure (And ofcourse it's the one with a bunch of SL emails everywhere. xD) But I see no emails regarding a suspension of any sort, I assume that it's delayed but it's been quite a few hours now... Still is a suspension though, that's why I mostly asked about the potential restrictions than asking about the suspension itself.
  4. I'd definetly be understanding as to why they'd keep a record to themselves, just in-case I'd do something again in the near (or distant?) future, I'd hope they don't hold it against me forever but I'll probably never be sure. I've not received an email (Yet) however, it only says my account is "not accessible" til noon today, and I'd find it oddly coincidental for this to be another issue since my very recent ban from a sim, with drama and arguments included.. And also apparently the specific wording of the message I receive when trying to login shows it's probably a short suspens
  5. Many thanks! I know why this has happened really.. Needless to say I was afraid of mentioning exactly what happened, but basically one of the owners of an advertised LGBT friendly Sim made a few somewhat phobic comments.. And I sorta raged a little and shared his logs with a few people.. They later threatened me for "Breaking TOS" however I just got frustrated because in order to even prove this they'd have top share logs themselves.. But eather way I raged a bit, didn't actually think it would lead to this but really, I even see people with chat logs of others talking about privat
  6. Heya anyone, sorry about this post but I can't seem to find anything on the topic exactly. Recently I've encountered some undesirable people and well, I happen to let my anger get the best of me, besides that, I've encountered a message stating that my account won't be available for about a day, I've never received an email stating I've been suspended but it seems like that may be the case.. Anyways, I can wait for the day to pass and that's ok and all, but I was wondering if there are ANY restrictions for accounts that have been put on any kind of suspensions atleast once, Ki
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