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  1. I'm still looking around to see what a fair price is. But I am looking for a fashion designer to make a jacket for a fraternity I lead on SL. I would pay you handsomely for creating this one piece. If that's something your skilled at please let me know.
  2. Fashion Designer Needed Immediately! Hello, Our Team is looking for someone who has experience with Mesh Clothing creation. The person would need to be versatile and be able to create things for both a male and female. After the creations have been made those said creations will become the property of the Family Trust. We will pay from 1000k - 8000k per item created for us based on quality, size of an item, etc. We will negotiate each item before work has commenced. This person will need to be able to communicate via email proficiently and in world via messages. Other forms of commun
  3. This sim is no more, we're sorry. But our event planning service is still hiring DJ's and Hosts! Contact me inworld, kenvincible303.resident
  4. Hello Community, I have been hired as a Events Manager for Liberty Bay Oregon, a city that is cute, charming and has tons of potential. We are looking for DJ's and the pay is done via paypal. Pay is around $8 USD an hour, not looking for the most expensive but some young hungry guys and gals who want exposure via our community parties. Also i need a graphic designer to help design a back patch for a motorcycle club i'm starting. This would be the 1% style top and bottom rocker with center emblem. Pay for that is 5k Linden, contact me at arieswingate@gmail.com ASAP or in world s
  5. Now Hiring! Blanford Pointe (www.blanford.club) is a new Role Play community in Second Life. Our community is a modern day fantasy role play. Meaning you can portray classic fantasy style characters (things like Elves, Orcs, Dwarfs, Furries, Fae) in a modern day environment with a slight horror bent (we allow vampires and Lycans as well.) We have an entire sim, and this sim needs people to help make it go. We are hiring for the following positions. Race Leads - These people report to the storyteller lead and it will be their job to come up with basic rules for the race they get placed
  6. Where are you guys located in world so i can check you out>4? I love the website!
  7. What are your feelings on African American members, can they be patched or is their storyline more like real life where clubs are divided on racial lines?
  8. We would like to announce our newest city is now open complete with clubs, hotels, airport, and more! Find out about this city and also about some additions to our family http://slifonia.ml/2018/02/15/introducing-additions-royal-family/
  9. No we wanted to do a modern-day kingdom styled rp.We thought the niche for medieval themed ones were filled already on SL.
  10. Architect Needed Immediately 10k Linden Bi-Weekly Salary I need someone who can build roads for a city I am constructing on a sim. This person will build the roads, driveways, etc This person needs to be VERY talented in interior and exterior design. A Portfolio or Teleport link to your previous work requried!
  11. We've decided to go a second approach for Genisis City, we have now purchased an entire SIM! We will be redoing Genisis City on said new sim, until then feel free to visit the old one! Port Alexis will stay the same!
  12. Updated Listing! My name is Kenneth Green (Second Life Name is Aries Wingate), and my wife and I have started a Micronational experiment in Second Life. What is a Micronation? A Micronation is where people come together to take part in building their own country so to speak. We have purchased a full region for our kingdom's first city, and we have plenty of housing available for people. Do you maybe follow the modern day Brittish Monarchy or other monarchies of the world and always wanted to be a Count or Duke or some different sort of noble. Well this RP is for you, We are a group w
  13. This isint dead, i had my laptop die and so i was offline for two weeks which is why we missed paying our real estate. But we are buying land in the auction as we speak to revive this. This is a long term idea were going to invest money into!
  14. Hey Derekmate! Thank you for your questions that will help me make stuff clearn. 1.) We welcome everybody, though we prefer humans. 2.) We are a Modern Game. We want to explore nobility and royalty lives of the currrent day. The Royals is our inspiration for our kingdom. 3. I will detail the helping roles better ASAP! 4.) We could use a Surgeon General of our Kingdom (the chief of all doctors of sorts) i'd love to talk to you about that, and we can give you free housing for service. Our Capital Genisis City can be found here: http://maps.secondlife.com/seco
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