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  1. Tech, Darling, pay no mind to these catty women. If it's sl love followed by rl love you're seeking then why not give me a try? I'm younger than I look and always up for a good time. And, to be totally honest, I've always thought fur would look divine on me.
  2. Testing perms? Buying land? wth I use my female avatars for the most basic of things: Sex My male avatar is just a handsome and funny guy who goes dancing with the ladies or hangs at a gay beach and enjoys the scenery. And I must say they're all fashionable though Wil has a hankering for the color pink. Butch he's not.
  3. TMP can bite it. No way I'd purchase anything from them again. P.S. TMP, I hope you've had fun spending all of the money you took from formerly trusting morons such as myself.
  4. Supperfan, Darling, I never call anyone a mate. Being glamourous and having such ladylike deportment can cause confusion among the male population but I tend to only use the word as a verb. You know, as in, you wanna? Besides, apart from my rather forceful personality, what would give me away as being male? Certainly not my makeup or hair. And I do cinch my waist to within an inch of my life so my figure kicks azz. Just ask a girl if you have doubts.
  5. How high are my standards? Well, as high as my hemline usually and generally lower than my updo. Admittedly, it is difficult to find the right Daddy. I mean is it folly to want a Daddy who can go from Dom to Sub at a girl's request and who loves me leaving stiletto indentations on his firm, muscled body? Sigh.....high standards can be a curse.
  6. When shopping at Blueberry I often see guys there. While many are with their gf/partner others are just there to cruise. It kind of reminds me of my first few days in sl when I'd hit a sandbox to rez things and be inundated with pervy messages. Ah, the good old days!
  7. You got: Girl in her mid-teens. This test is obviously the maldita bomba. I'm so a fourteen year old nino who loves exploring and educating. Can you say I love largos de pie?
  8. Girl, people are going to rant and rave no matter what. It's the nature of the beast. I've never morphed into an animal or changed my race I do portray a woman 99.9% of the time. Have I received blowback? Not really. But if it ever happens I'll pay no attention whatsoever. I do sl my way. So don't expend energy worrying about those who throw shade. All they deserve is the old mute and block.
  9. Do you notice the men in SL Forum are tiptoeing very carefully around this conversation thread. Seems like we don't know the right thing to say anymore. So we quietly tiptoe our way out of the conversation when it comes to us in relationships................. Ah, don't feel bad. Social awkwardness is normal. Sometimes it's really refreshing for a guy to keep his thoughts to himself. I mean, a date questioning my five o'clock shadow tended to threw me off my game. It's a hormonal thing. Okay? Dermablend, you're a lady's best friend.
  10. You so don't deserve this. It seems the nice lady is unbalanced and revengeful and sprinkled in nutty. I'd report her, mute and block her and just get on with my sl if I were you.
  11. Quinn, Quinn, Quinn! Darling, there's no need to be sad about the holidays. I, Will aka Formica Dinette, am here to rescue you from those old holiday blues! Cookies and hot chocolate? No. A sleigh ride? Mm, no. Paying off my student loans? What loans! I'm uneducated. Yeah, I know extolling my virtues is catamount to boasting but I'm not your ordinary lady. Far from it! I'm unique, special and I look killer in a gown. Plus, I can bench press three hundred and fifty pounds. So, if you're up for a Christmas to remember, remember Wil. I'm not your run of the mill holiday squeeze.
  12. Oh! How you just made me bat these #48 Red Cherry eyelashes with your honest and candor filled plea! James, I avow to not doing vamp, biker, robot or neko drag. In fact, the very idea of posing is a complete turnoff as I believe in being the real, the natural, the wholesome person I am. Okay, so our plumbing is the same. Sure, I sometimes use a urinal. And, okay, so maybe my last name isn't Linden but will you allow that to stand in the way of deep and meaningful organ grinding? I ask you. Look deep inside James and listen to your heart. I'm waiting my love.
  13. As they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With that being said, I wouldn't call you fugly but I would say the look seems to encompass either extreme constipation or the onset of explosive diarrhea with no restroom in sight. What's with the pained expression??? And why wear your grandma's old hand me downs?? Why not ditch the "I'm a nerd virg" look and try a look that's classically hot? Trust and believe because I'm a gay fashion expert.
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