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  1. Do Fortnite characters look like something from an anime to you?
  2. I find the machinima rule to be strange as well.
  3. Additionally, gambling is usually illegal in Japan but there are a few exceptions (e.g. sports betting)
  4. Trespassing, vandalism, practicing various things without a license, and jaywalking
  5. I'd like a gacha center. Whenever I look for the newest avatars or something, most of the pages are gacha resales.
  6. I've never really explored any of the continents, but I started to do so yesterday.
  7. You got: Man in his early twenties We think you're a man who is just starting to really find his groove in life, and probably really enjoying it too. You most likely live with a couple of mates, although still visit home when you can. At weekends you're quite often out with friends and generally keeping busy, although occasionally you do need a break and a good session in front of the TV on the sofa.
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