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  1. I'm looking for a house to rent that's in a neighborhood.. like you'll have neighbors.. I just need a 1 or 2 bedroom 1bath and I want a kitchen.. do you have any houses for rent that fits what I'm looking for? Or can I drop by and look at the neighborhood to see when any vacancies will open?
  2. I don't really mind about what's there? All I'm lookin for is a night club where you dance, hangout out, and have fun.. I prefer to be at a club with twinks but any lgbt club I'd be happy with lol No sex clubs though.. What's your club? I'd love to check it out
  3. Are there any popular gay night clubs?
  4. I am planning on renting a house that already comes furnished. Is there a way i can move around the furniture or buy my own and use those?
  5. I've seen people that have abs and/or are very muscular. How do I change my body image? I don't know if it's the "shape" or "body" I went on the Marketplace to search but I don't want to buy something that might not be what I'm looking for. I want my body to look something like the picture I attached from a product in the Marketplace but without the tattoos. Thank you. If i'm in the wrong forum I apologize.
  6. By Rez you mean to place it? Basically I need land to place the building on then I can rent it out?
  7. Well another idea I had was to rent out a property but I’ve never done it before so I’m looking on Marketplace for buildings for sale and I made sure the Copy, Modify, and transfer were all checked.. one building I was looking at said Ready to use no unpacking, land or sandbox required. Does that mean it’s already on land and when I buy it I can put it up for rent
  8. So how would I go about renting out a building? I don’t have a building I’d need to buy one so do I need to buy land?
  9. So I just buy things from the Market and put them in my store? Will I be able to set the price?
  10. I want to rent a store building and sell clothes.. how do I get inventory? I don’t create my own stuff. I’m not looking to make USD, just Linden.. thank you
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