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  1. Thank you! I dont post a lot of notices, and if people wanna dj here they surely can! I have not asked about people advertising in my club with their products so maybe that will also help! I am just really really anxious to get the ball rolling. I got banned from a place I was not happy about it, but learning from my mistake, oh well.............live on! And I am a learning about building stuff, so far its fun and relaxing!
  2. For me it's not about making money, its fun! D: And I love djing!
  3. Thank you guys for your help! If anyone wants to come take a peek while I am still building, message me in world! Thank you!
  4. Oh alright, thank you very much! It would just be nice to have random people show up you know like they did where I was at. I am not seeking employment at my plot for I am broke, I am just looking for listeners and letting others invite others to have a good time as well. D: Thank you for the input!
  5. Can you please explain by what you mean by this statement?: Just reading and learning and more researching. I am not worried about the money, rather for fun.
  6. Is anyone at all still interested in listening to this genre of music?! I am still grooving with it and making a club on my plot and currently still building. How do I get traffic? My other friends were wondering too, any help is grateful and advice. Message me in world please! Thank you!
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