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  1. New story progress updated. The orange fox girl turns out to be the real liar all the time who thinks what she assumes is always all correct, which means she lies to herself, too. She forced her friend the white fox girl to choose between her and other net friends two years ago when they were in Champions Online. She loved the white fox girl and she was just jealous. She made her friend the white fox girl in Liquid Moon fight with the white cat herm, then the white cat herm just deleted her friend from the friend list because they seldom talk after that. The white cat had no right to kicked a dancer out of a club since she was not a manager but a host. She made me ruin the white cat's life, even the white cat had been already planned on a new life as a black wolf boy and wished to pay me back later. I know this because the black wolf boy, the white fox girl and I are all too tired so we drop hatred away and became friends to talk together. The orange fox is the real drama queen and we are all played by her. What have I done...?
  2. Obviously stellvia is a liar? Why a person lies publicly when she needs help from others' advice? This is meaningless, stellvia.
  3. Thank you all. However, I still can't make sure the red panda is innocent or not since she just hasn't left the white cat's family group, even though the white cat almost abandoned her avatar by deleting her display name, while her former wife changed her last display name with leaving her.
  4. Reminder: The story is very long, so you can hear this from 0:42 to relax yourself before reading if you want. At the first time I went into the game, I didn't know how to build avatars or what I should do, so I went to the biggest furry club in SL which is called YIFF. At there my eyes were caught by a beautiful white cat girl who was DJing on the stage. I asked her for help, and she was willing to do that and told me what to buy for my first avatar. She helped me to build my avatar, a black wolf femboy furry who was not like me in RL at all, which still made me so touched and respect her. However, if I only met her, I would have quit SL in a week and *****ing cursed the world everyday. During the first week I wanted to meet more furry girls in the club, but the white cat just kept asking me to strip dance in clubs and I didn't know why. Then I realized she wanted me to get more tips for her scam plan as a worker to donate her. I love foxy girls the most, so I met a orange fox who is the most beautiful avatar I have ever seen in SL so far in YIFF on Halloween and her birthday, and we became good friends, who now is my one and only one Goddess. At that moment I just respected the white cat, but one day she asked me to be her pet. She said she is a herm at the first moment we met, and she told my old femboy avatar she built for me that if I became her pet, all of my body would be taken care of. I felt very weird but I thought the femboy did need to try new things before having a loyal partner. This is where the nightmare began. I accepted it, and we *****ed each other two times in just two days in which only her mouth is spared. After the second sex, she kept mentioning that she needed 1100 dollar of the game which is called L$ to deal with a business before a deadline. I was so thankful to her that she helped me to join the furry fandom of SL, then I said I could lend you but you shall pay back after you earn them back without deadline. Then she replied weirdly, "What if I forget it?" I didn't think too much. Then I said "You can just remember to buy some cloth which I like on you, such as black stockings. It would be a payback for me." However, just some seconds after giving her 1100 L$, the orange fox yelled at me by a private message when she was in YIFF, too. "CHEN!! YOU ARE HER PET!!??" I thought "Oh *****! There is something wrong!" "Yes, like I mentioned yesterday?" "BUT YOU DIDN'T TELL ME HER NAME!!" And the interesting fact was that right before that moment the sexy orange foxy lady already knew that I had a crush on her, but she didn't try to keep distance from me. I knew she was a good and friendly person who was willing to teach me so many things. That's why I chose to believe the orange fox since I know how kind her heart was. This is where the greatest part of the story going to begin. Later the orange fox and I met in her room, where she told me that the white cat is a problematic one on furry relationships in SL. The white cat enjoys manipulating others' heart and inducing them to give her money willingly. Every time when others caught her and asked how she could, she only said "You requested, I received." "Why I didn't buy L$ by credit cards? Oh, it's because I don't spend money on games. xD" Then the orange fox told me that there was one friend of hers both in RL and SL, who was once a friend of the white cat in SL, too. They are both herms at that time and worked together in another furry club called Liquid Moon. These two herms had sex for several times, but later they were not so close like before. However, the white cat used the same method on her friend to get 500 L$ to buy a sexual organ of PisCorp and just deleted her friend from her friend list, while they never used it together. One day, the white cat became the host of a big event of Liquid Moon, and her friend was in staff, too. Before one important meeting, the white cat intentionally ignored to inform the time of the meeting to her friend, then kicked her out of the staff. Every time when others asked this, she only replied with "Read above". Meanwhile, she blocked all people standing on her friend's side. Then I realized that I was played, but I decided not to leave right away. As the game franchise Assassin's Creed taught me, I chose to work in the dark and not to let her know anything about the orange fox since she already blocked her. I would like to be an true Assassin in this mind game and her pain in her ass in RL. Later I did it. I met some people hating the white cat and we worked together to ruin her life in SL. She paid 1100 L$ to me and 500 L$ to her friend back in the end, and she just moved her life to another black boy wolf account. At the next day when I saw the white cat online, the first thing I did was to ask that whether she was okay or not. Did she handle the business well since I gave her my 1100 L$? She lied to me that she needed this 1100 L$ because a guy she owed 550 L$ about 4 months ago just threatened her that if she didn't pay double back before the deadline, the guy would report her until she got banned forever from SL just because the guy knew a secret of hers. What a lie to a newbie. The white cat is a Russian working in England. Meanwhile another new account who was just two days old and looked like a black boy wolf with the same skin as mine suddenly showed up in front of me, and the white cat said she needed to go to the store for three hours. Then the black wolf told me many things, like he was a friend of the white cat in RL in England, and she told him about me. It was at that moment...my left respect for her all turned into rage and hatred. The only thought in my mind was "You mother *****er Russian living in England used another male avatar to dig out the inner thoughts of a straight person who respected you so much?" Right at that moment, I truly became an Assassin. I pretended not knowing that he was a liar and kept playing as an actor with him. I told the orange fox all of this and I went to sleep. Four hours later when I woke up, I checked my avatar who was AFK at the 2nd floor of YIFF club. Then I saw another new avatar who was also 2 days old too laying in front of me on the sofa, a red panda with very old avatar components. I was considering that this could be another avatar of that *****er to test me, but it turned out to be true that the red panda is another individual since her way of talking and preference were all different from that Russian *****er. I wanted to help her so I did a decision that even today I don't know it was wrong or right. I BROUGHT THE RED PANDA TO THE WHITE CAT TO GET A LIST OF WHAT TO BUY TO BUILD A NEW AVATAR SHE WOULD LIKE. Because I thought it would have been all fine if I just told her not to give the white cat any money and I did it. Now the red panda is still in my friend list but I suspected she to be a spy on me because she thought the white cat and the white cat's wife were her mothers. I guess she once reported all what I said to her mother. Later I proposed to the orange fox when she invited me to a place for selling furniture with adult RP animation, because I thought she was giving me the hint that she just hadn't rejected my love, and she questioned me with so many questions like she was testing a husband in the future. I now realized at that moment she was testing me, indeed, but she wanted me to know a big secret of her and checked whether I could accept it or not. That secret of the orange fox is that she was 4 months old in SL and had two loyal partners before, but both of them just asked to leave her in one month. Then she said she will never go into the loyal partner thing. She chose some of her friends who passed through most of her requirements that she could have sex with into a picky list, but she wouldn't ask them to mate with her unless her friends met the requirement went to her and the atmosphere was correct. Sooner or later I told the red panda what I've been through because there was no other one I could talk with, and the red panda seemed to be a good listener. However, now I think that poor red panda was already infected by the white cat's poison and became her daughter at that moment. I didn't tell her who the fox was, but only told her the story above like I am telling you now. Meanwhile, the white cat was poking me, I pretended to be AFK but the white cat just caught me like there was a reporter in front of me. Then I put my hood on like an Assassin again. I was acting in front of them all. The white cat, the red panda and the white cat's dear wife, who later just left the white cat because of me. The next day I went to the orange fox again. I just wanted to tell her things about the red panda. During the conversation that *****ing white cat messaged me, in which she said that she didn't mind I love the red panda more than her at that moment, but she wanted to let me know that her male avatar just had sex with the red panda in less an hour after they met, and she wanted me to make friends with her male avatar and let him teach me how to get girls. By the way, they knew another girl who was in SL and single and this was a precious chance in which I should make choice quickly since she won't wait for anybody. Of course, she won't let anything happen between me and her daughter red panda. At that time I was just like "......what?" because the red panda told me she was demisexual and a trans at the first time we met even though later she decided to be a female in the game. As we know, a demisexual is a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone. So after a long "what?" I was thinking like this, "Do you mother *****ers realize you were just insulting all demisexual people on earth that you demisexual red panda just had sex with a man you know who wass your mother actually in less an hour? Disgusting!" Under this circumstance how could she say she is a demisexual? Was I looking like a dumbass all the time? Later my plan was clear. I decided on what I shall do. I've set up some goals to achieve. First, I needed to revenge for all people hurt by the white cat and for justice. Second, I will stop her from manipulating more furry newbies of SL. And I am proud to tell you that I DID THEM BOTH. I built a hell for her, I showed her how the hell was, and I guided her to the hell. Now there is no one she can talk with if her dear important herm wife shared no crime with her. Her wife is the most important treasure for her. Maybe you know why I mention this? Let me ask a question first. Why can she keep doing this to people again and again? If you don't, I have the answer. Because it is just like what Assassin's Creed taught me, the white cat had nothing to fear, and didn't know what she may lose forever. This kind of person can hurt anyone in her path, but she would be the last one. At that night I talked with the orange fox again, and I finally persuaded her that I will become her loyal official pet with my collar to prove that I will love her forever in SL, while she could keep being open like she used to be, which made her think that I was so sweat. My dream now is that I hope one day she can be my loyal partner when the scars of her heart are all healed. I was so happy that she accepted it and I am now her official pet, with my life becoming better and better in RL. I even make friends with my mentor and my supervisor at work, and now I go to work so happily everyday thanks to the fox lady. Still I want to be the one that fill the hole of her heart. She told me her heart was cold and dark when telling me her biggest secret. I now disagree on that. I think we both make each other's heart warm and shining now. She's just this kind of person. Now the final part is here. HOW I RUINED THAT *****ER'S SECOND LIFE? I talked with the orange fox about some poems she wrote, in which a pregnant furry girl died because of getting betrayed by a furry man. During that conversation, she mentioned that she realized the most important thing in life is to know the rule "No one can be trusted." At that moment I thought oh no she was definitely hurt by someone. That was before her telling me her secret. I wanted to help her, so I tried to make her think deeper. Then I said you were correct but I should say it in a more correct way. I said it should be "Nothing is true; Everything is permitted." I didn't tell her that this creed is from a video game. Then she replied "Everything is permitted?" I answered that "To say that nothing is true, is to realize that the foundations of communities and relationships are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our own. To say that everything is permitted, is to understand that we are the architects of our actions, and that we must live with their consequences, whether glorious or tragic." Assassin's Creed is more than just a game for me in the past 10 years. All Assassins and all Templars in the game taught me the meaning of life with their different, unique, twitchy and touching stories. After becoming her pet, I was so hyped even it was 4:00 am and I needed to wake up at 7:30 am to work as usual. She was worried about me on how to deal with the white cat. I just said don't worry, there is nothing the *****er could do and I was afraid of nothing thanks to the orange fox. Before my sleeping on bed, one of my Russian friend in SL who is asexaul but homosexual to his soulmate in SL told me that the white cat's male avatar was talking to him. "Do you want to say anything to her? I have them both on my friend list." Then I replied "Okay as follows. I will call her female name, his male name, the twist of furries and the worst actor in Second Life, and I send her regards!" Then he did it. We both laughed so loudly and could not wait to see the white cat's face. Minutes after my becoming the sexy foxy lady's pet, the white cat messaged me. As I expected, she didn't want forgiveness and said those offending points of her views as I mentioned above. She was so used to it that she could still laugh so many times with "xD". At this moment I was too hyped because of my fox lady, so I came up with an idea in just five seconds! I would tell her some truth she already knew but she would complete the obscure part for me by herself, and I would make them all true later for sure. "Hmm...fine. It's fine you keep doing this in the future. As we expected and just as what they told me, you will prove what kind of a person you are just by yourself." "What? What do you mean? Who are THEY you are talking about!?" "Hey, you should at least have used that 500 L$ sexual organ of PisCorp with your friend in Liquid Moon. You were so cold-blooded, love." "What are you *****ing talking about!? Why do you know that in Liquid Moon!?" "Do you know why you get fewer and fewer tips as a DJ recently? Oh, rumors spread fast. A group of people who feel disgusted when you are DJing on YIFF's stage are all happy to tell others what kind of person you are when they are boring or have nothing else to do." "No! You are fcuking lying! xD" "Calm down, darling, calm down. Oh yes of course I am lying. I DO hope you just keep doing things which you liked to do so much, because I am so looking forward to the next show, in which you are the main actor on the stage. Light, camera, action! XD" "We will keep watching you, like Assassins who work in the dark. All furries you meet will be informed what kind of person you are, especially those newbie furries." "We will let them decide by themselves that they should leave you or stay with you. YOU will be the one to prove what we said about you is all true or not." "No, you are lying! Wait! You are the orange fox's pet!? You are the orange fox!? I know who you are!" "Ha ha ha! Funny to guess who the new avatar is actually, right? I may be anyone you know, but it doesn't matter anymore. Let me finish my job of sending their messages to you, okay? Since I have only one job. By the way, they asked me to send your wife regards, too." "What does that mean!?" "I don't know. I am not interested in that part at all. XD" "Well, since you once helped me, let me give you one more hint." "What is that?" "Do you know why I brought the red panda to you after knowing all of this? Because we were betting on you silly. XDDDDD" "I guessed it should have been at least one day before your male avatar pulled your dick out to the red panda. How could you make me lose the bet so fast? XDDDDD" "Okay, never see you~" Hours later, she was so worried that she messaged me again. "I still don't get it about the hint." "We don't owe each other anything now. I won't talk on this topic with you in the future. If you want to do a confession of what you should not have done to the ones truly believed you, I will accept it." She never messaged me again, but probably is still using the red panda to be a spy on me. This is where the story ends. The story between me and the evil Russian white cat furry. The white cat's wife has already left her, and she probably got fired from YIFF DJ Staff because of me. The orange fox's friend got her 500 L$ back, and my 1100 L$ was back, too. Now the red panda wants to hang out with me and the orange fox, and both of us are well prepared for all which can come. Before all else, be armed. - Niccolo Machiavelli This is how I became a Master Assassin and the pet, blood relative big brother, lover and husband of the orange fox with the new black man wolf avatar she built for me, which is closer to me in RL. The black femboy wolf is dead for good and I am reborn. From now on, my dream is that one day the orange fox can be my loyal partner and my story with her will continue.
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