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  1. Summer Specials are ongoing in Darling Beach and all 6 sims. Check out the lands for sale and rent.
  2. Parcels for Sale/Rent at Darling Beach Darling Beach (M) is beautifully designed and landscaped. It has walkways and public areas, lots of water and beaches, with good sized for sale/rent parcels of many sizes. Perfect for personal use and for businesses. We limit the number of rentals in the Sim to make sure that there is no lag. We also provide a "skylands" area above the entirety of the Sim. You can use the land for one thing, the skylands for another, and of course create your own skybox above your parcel for even more space and more options. Below are some of the parcels currently available: _________________________________________ DB01 - Kor Beach [ 4000 Sqm / 1830 Prims ] (Map URL) _________________________________________ DB02 - Sonora Beach [ 4048 Sqm / 1853 Prims ] (Map URL) _________________________________________ DB03 - Tiki Commons [ 2944 Sqm / 1347 Prims ] (Map URL) _________________________________________ DB04 - St. Ives Beach [ 3056 Sqm / 1398 Prims ] (Map URL) _________________________________________ DB07 - Casa Senna [ 1824 Sqm / 834 Prims ] (Map URL) _________________________________________ DB08 - Mia Solera [ 2784 Sqm / 1259 Prims ] (Map URL) _________________________________________ DB10 - Casa Barbara [ 1776 Sqm / 812 Prims ] (Map URL) _________________________________________ DB12 - Destiny Island [ 2672 Sqm / 1223 Prims ] (Map URL) _________________________________________ * Availability Subject to Change without Notice * We have 5 other Sims with different layouts, landscaping, and design. Visit our Main Rental Office to all the available options available. Rental Lands and houses, Sale/Rent Parcels, Skyboxes, and more! Come find your perfect place today at Darling Beach, Darling Coast, Darling Estates, Darling Keys, Darling Paradise and Darling Resort (A). [ Facebook Page ] [ Main Rental Office ] [ Available Rentals in all 5 Sims ]
  3. We currently have a wide variety for lands for sale/rent in our Sims. You can select the sim that best suits you for style and design. Here are some of the land sales/rentals that are available: Lands for Sale ID Land Name SQM Prims Sim Name DB01 Kor Beach - 4000 Sqm - 1830 Prims - Darling Beach DB02 Sonora Beach Place - 4048 Sqm - 1853 Prims - Darling Beach DB03 Tiki Commons - 2944 Sqm - 1347 Prims- Darling Beach DB07 Casa Senna Place - 1824 Sqm - 834 Prims- Darling Beach DB08 Mia Solera Place- 2784 Sqm - 1259 Prims- Darling Beach DB10 Casa Barbara Place - 1776 Sqm - 812 Prims- Darling Beach DB12 Destiny Island- 2672 Sqm - 1223 Prims - Darling Beach DK08 Darling Keys 08 - 3376 Sqm - 2060 Prims - Darling Keys DC10 Merryville Island - 2560 Sqm - 1172 Prims - Darling Coast DP17 Covert Cove- 1824 Sqm - 834 Prims - Darling Paradise DP18 Sunset Cove- 2080 Sqm - 951 Prims - Darling Paradise Visit the Land Sales vendor at our Rental Office to see all current and available land sale/rentals. You can also see our rental homes and lands for each individual sim, by viewing the vendor for that specific sim. You can also view our current listings for ALL sims at once HERE and also on our Facebook Page. The lands for sale/rent are zoned residential and commercial. Our "Skylands" area is provided for every single parcel too! We endeavored to create unique and beautiful Sims with very few parcels for sale/rent and lots of public land so that your home or shop or store will not be lagged down. Exclusivity, Privacy, and Security! Darling Estates Rentals gives you more for less. Check us out today!
  4. ¸.•´¯`•. Darling Estates Rentals - Manager's Special ¸.•´¯`•. ๑۩۞۩๑ ๑۩ﺴ۩๑๑۩۞۩๑ ๑۩ﺴ۩๑๑۩۞۩๑ ๑۩ﺴ۩๑ Pay for 4 weeks on any rental or land sale and get an additional week added to your rental time for free! 5 weeks for the price of 4! (For up to 3 months!) Limited Time Only Offer Check out our RENTAL OFFICE for listings, or view them on the WEB
  5. We have many parcels for sale in the Darling Beach Sim: 3000-4000sqm lands, perfect for a home or business. In Darling Paradise we also have 2000-3800sqm lands, most on a Sim border facing an ocean Sim. We also have rental properties in all of our community of Sims. See the first post of this thread for links to our available rentals and land sales, to our Facebook Page, and our in-world SLURL. Come check out our great community today!
  6. Thank you for all of the wonderful responses and inquiries. We have filled both positions. You can contact our manager to be added to our list of people to contact when new positions come up. Thank you!
  7. We are looking for two friendly outgoing people to work in our 6 Sim rental community at Darling Estates in sales and support. The basic work is simple: Show people around if they need assistance, help them find the right rental home, parcel of land for sale, or skybox rental, and be available to answer general support questions. The prerequisites are a friendly nature, patience, the ability to learn and retain information about our entire community of Sims, have a translator or be familiar with translation procedures (Google), and be online more than a few hours a day. We do not require that you stay at the offices all of the time, but you must be logged into the support board for the times you are working. The initial compensations are limited to a provided living accommodation (skybox apartment) in the Sims and a small commission on every new rental you close and retain. You will also have full access to all of the amenities and public areas of the community. As your role grows the compensation will, of course, rise and modify. This is dependent on if we retain your services beyond the probationary period. We are currently remodeling some parts of our community, so there are many open rental parcels now available. The opportunities are there for the right 2 people. If you are looking to "get rich quick" this position is not for you. We want people who will love our community as much we do and will endeavor to help it succeed. In you are interested in working with us, please contact our General Manager, Markham Weatherwax, in-world by IM or notecard. Darling Estates Rental Offices and HQ
  8. We have many beautiful rental home parcels and open properties currently available in the Darling Estates Community. We have skyboxes, boathouse rentals, home parcel and island rentals, and more! In the Darling Estates Sim there are many fantastic rental parcels with great houses and landscaping. Like: Each of our 6 rental sims are part of the Darling Community, but with different styles. Many of our rentals face an ocean sim (we have 3!) so the view is always perfect and will never be blocked by someone else's house or building. Our ocean sims are dedicated and usable only for our tenants. All of the waterways and oceans are open for the exclusive use of our tenants. This is true upscale living at its finest. Limited number of rentals per sim, dedicated oceans, no large clubs or breedable farms permitted, and extra land space provided to all parcel tenants in our Skyland areas which cover every single one of our 9 sims; Perfect for an extra house, a private garden, or for business owners, a second shop or extra build space. See the first post of this thread for links to our available rentals, our Facebook Page, and our in-world link
  9. We've added 6 Skybox Homes (See Attached Photos) in the Darling Paradise Sim for those on a more serious budget. Very affordable and as skybox tenants you still get full access to all of the Darling Estate Community Public Areas, waterways, and oceans. If you need more space and more prims, there are also the affordable boathouses in the Darling Paradise Sim. Check out each of our designed Sims to find the perfect full sized rental home for you, or look to find your perfect parcel for home or business.
  10. Darling Estates Rentals is a 9 Region Planned and Designed Community with limited rental units and land sales per Sim. The ground level of all of our Sims are beautifully landscaped and planned with tenant access waterways, public areas, and other amenities. We provide houses, land for sale, and 3 dedicated ocean Regions/Sims for the exclusive use of our tenants. You can sail, swim, or boat around through all 9 Sims as a tenant of Darling Estates Rentals. Each residential rental home is on its own parcel. You control the music stream and have full use of the complete parcel size not only on the ground level, but also in our unique "Skyland" areas and more. The houses we provide are large and roomy, the landscaping is highly designed, and the views are unbeatable. We have rentals to fit almost every budget, from small boathouses to the large manor homes. All of our rental units have waterway or direct ocean access. Our land sales are perfect for business owners and those who want more control over the land information and have SL search inclusion. We give a lot of bang for your Linden Dollar buck! Privacy, security, landscaping, with lots of options, and never having to worry about your neighbor upsetting your view. We made sure that what you rent is what you get. And, of course, the 3 dedicated ocean Sims that will never be rented or built on. That is part of our cost, not yours. Come see what is available in the Darling Beach Sim, Estates Sim, Coast Sim, Keys Sim, Paradise Sim, and the adult Resort Sim. All are part of the Darling Estates Community. Darling Estates Rental Offices and HQ Facebook - Page and Available Listings Direct Available Listings pages: Simple Text List Photo Listings
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