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  1. Hi there. Fox Hollow is an established 12 region community with many amenities and large staff team. Check us out in world! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hickory Creek/157/36/1502
  2. Hello! Yes Fox Hollow is now 11 regions. I"m actually their Rentals Manager, if I can answer any questions just let me know. (Ramesh.singh)
  3. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hickory Creek/157/36/1502 Fox Hollow is an established Community, our 11 regions are almost fully rented. I'd suggest checking it out
  4. Hey there! Thanks for looking for Acacia! Acacia isn't open anymore, as I retired from sim ownership, however I highly recommend Fox Hollow, i am there now and alot of Acacia residents moved over. If you want LM, just imme in world
  5. Hi there you should check out Fox Hollow NC www.foxhollowsl.com
  6. Check out Fox Hollow
  7. We have some teens, including my daughter in Acacia Falls. We are trying to do more focused on that
  8. Acacia Falls is working on activating our TV Station
  9. Acacia Falls - Come visit us!
  10. I know an orphanage looking for caretaker if your interested
  11. Hi there. You can always put a panel up at our new adoption agency in Acacia Falls! Check out the town i'm sure you can find a family
  12. Hey hockeyboy did you ever get this started?
  13. Acacia Falls is looking for a new Principal for the K-12 School in our town. We are seeking someone with experience that can partner with the management to create a wonderful environment for kids to come too. It can be an existing school or something new. Contact Ramesh Singh if interested
  14. Right now the school isn't open. We are working on that.
  15. Hey Capt, w are looking for cops, message me in world and we can get you setup
  16. Acacia Falls does not have any rules about the anime type avi's. Everyone is welcome
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