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  1. 1 hour ago, Ariel Vuissent said:

    Regardless of how anyone feels morally, the bottom line is that this would be a resident-to-resident dispute. As far a LL knows, he willingly transferred money/items to you. Unless he has reasonable evidence that this is untrue, you're in the clear; LL will not get involved in resident disputes. It's like being given a gift in RL - the police won't come knocking on your door because you're still using the watch your ex-boyfriend gave you. 

    On a more personal level, you could try...I don't know...talking about it? It seems boundaries may have been unclear, if you initially thought it was something he would be okay with...If you're still interested in having a relationship with your "sugar daddy," you could consider apologizing and at least trying to gain an understanding of his expectations. But from a strictly rules standpoint, if the two of you decide to end the relationship, technically, any items or money given to you are yours and he has no ground to stand on, though it won't necessarily stop him from filing AR's or harassing you, if he's so inclined. 

    I have tried talking about it with him. Thank you.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Drake1 Nightfire said:

    Wait, you were IMing someone sexually while cuddling with your sugar daddy?!?!?! 
    No, LL wont do anything to you. But that was a really crappy move. 

    I already know that. I feel horrible about it already. Have a nice night.

  3. So I had recently gotten into an...argument with my sugar daddy due to the fact that I was playing with someone in PC sexually (Which he said I could do) which made him mad because we were cuddling. I didn't know he would get upset, and now I'm wondering if I need to let this account go back since he bought me everything on it as gifts. Will I get in trouble if I keep it? My friends say I won't because he had gifted me all of it/sent me lindens to get it.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Callum Meriman said:

    Sensual is not sexual, and while you should err on the side of caution I think most sensual items are fine for short visits to G rated regions, after all it's something you would see on the street in real life anyway, and in all likelyhood probably worn by a teen.

    As a very, very rough guide you can consider "Would I wear this in front of my real life Grandmother?".

    It's far from a perfect test especially as if your grandmother is like mine, quite progressive and open minded and likely to be wearing something 'stylish' herself. :D

    Really, my word doesn't mean much as I'm just a resident like you, but I'd personally consider a lot of revealing clothing is ok as long as genitals are not showing and for female humans there was a some minimum-translucent covering of zomg-nipples. For example I don't consider the sight of a Kajira in translucent silks that draped over her lola-attachments would be a shock to a reasonable grandmother.

    As far as wearing the spanker hud, it's not sexual in any way I can see, so I'd think it's perfectly fine.

    Always, as cykarushb says above, individual region owners can add their own rules on top. So if it's a private G rated sim check the covenant or rules, or just err on the side of caution.

    I decided to just start going to only moderate and adult sims! Will help a lot more because I'm tired of making sure my nipples don't show (Since mesh nipples seem to pop in and out) and sometimes underwear looks strange on a top that doesn't normally have underwear. They say that you can be nude on moderate sims but I wouldn't be nude unless my mesh clothes don't load to other people :P

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  5. 11 minutes ago, cykarushb said:

    Its a bit of a gray area, no adult objects or content should be visible obviously, but i think as long as you're all covered, its all good. Ive seen women go around with nothing but their underwear and be fine, as far as what SL considers safe, thats probably fine, but many individual G rated places may have more strict rules above that involving shirt/pants/skirt over underwear.

    Its also different depending on what kind of avatar you have. Human avatars generally have to wear clothes, while those of us with furry avatars technically dont, but again thats also up to the rules of the space owner themselves.

    As long as you have underwear there isnt an issue with your skirt. As high cut as it may be, i dont think anywhere would have a problem with it and unless someone specifically asks you about it, you should be able to go to any G rated place without Linden staff source consequences. But once more, land officers of a private G rated space may not approve, its up to them.

    Alright! I just wanted to check! I had just put my skinny jeans back on up until you answered, but now I get to put back on my new skirt! Thank you!

  6. So I typically only go onto general sims when I shop and noticed in a moderate store today that the skirt I have shows off my butt (Which I have panties on to cover the main parts and the only part that I could see was the bottom of my cheeks). I don't believe I wore this skirt to any general stores, but that does have me thinking, what's allowed on General Sims? I've read through the GMA settings helpful thing but could not see where it mentioned clothes besides no nudity. I know there's teens that get on here and have to stay in General Sims so I'm just wondering what is or isn't allowed? Would my skirt be allowed? Also, am I allowed to wear my spanker on general lands? I forget to take it off.

  7. I decided to just wear a bra and panties underneath ^-^ That way I wouldn't get in trouble if I poofed in on a sim, and my clothes were like "No. Not today," I wouldn't get in trouble. I just remembered to get them this morning and went deep into the depths of the marketplace to find them. I do hope that the few places I went in that were PG saw my clothes like I saw my clothes though. Could I possibly get in trouble if they didn't?

  8. Just now, ChinRey said:

    If you're really, really worried about that, the only answer is don't wear mesh clothing. Or at least wear some system clothing or applier clothing underneath.

    Render failure for mesh clothing - and mesh bodies and heads and such - is depressingly common. It's client side too and that means what you see isn't necessarily what others see. Even you see yourself fully dressed yuorself, the person standing next to you may well see you stark naked and vice versa.


  9. 1 minute ago, Jerilynn Lemon said:

    We're just residents here. Suits come here rarely, so what I say is speculation, nothing more.

    ...wondering if I would get in trouble if I used to lie about my age when I was seventeen so I could get into some stores...

    In a roundabout way, you claimed to be of legal age to get into adult shops. Semantics aside, I would suggest you file an AR and explain politely (no embellishment) of your faux paux and throw yourself on the mercy of the decider. Prepare to have your account TEMP suspended and have your driver license, passport etc info ready to me emailed in for verification.

    I guess either the guilt is gnawing at you or the cat is threatening to go public. Cats do that. Sure, they be off in the corner silently grooming themselves, but they know...they really do.

    If you are of legal age NOW, I personally would not worry of it. If you just wish to clear up some filing info, then that's between you, LL and the cat.

    Again, I'm speculating. It could be easy peasy to fix.

    Why do I have Janis Ian going through my head now?


    Alright! I just wanted to make sure! Now that I'm older, I just want to make sure that everything is cleared up from my childhood.

  10. 1 minute ago, Cindy Evanier said:

    I doubt you will get into trouble at all.  I went to a pg sim the other day and my jeans failed to come with me.  I just went home and added  them again.  I often see naked people in laggy sims while their mesh is pinging into place.  Just one of those SL quirks we get used to. 

    Phew. I just got worried because I don't wanna get in trouble for something I wasn't able to control.

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