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  1. That's the common response I've see quite often. Not really that helpful though. My coding level isn't that high and sometimes just reading someone else's code that you didn't build yourself can be a *major* nightmare plus I'm nowhere near Niran's level and don't claim to be. I would think that there should be other settings similar to Jelly Dolls or the like that could help for all the content issues though. I am curious if SL uses the very latest OpenGL or DirectX versions for starters. I know that info is somewhere out there I just don't have the link at the moment. Might even be on Niran's site. Anyone know where the official link is about the SL OpenGL and DX versions currently being used? In the standard viewer I thought it used to be available right on one of the Systems Info pages. Not sure where that would be in BD though. I've seen it years ago but don't recall exactly where it is. In BD under Help About it lists what looks like the version I am running on my machine but I don't know if that is the same version SL is using or not: Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 Windows Graphics Driver Version: OpenGL Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 417.2
  2. I agree with this point of view. I've built my own pc's for decades and I've never seen a piece of software that utilizes hardware as badly as Second Life. Unfortunately, this is a fact. I keep wondering what the community can do to resolve the issue. Can we form some sort of advanced SL hardware user group or something so that we can work with LL to request enhancements to the product that will utilize GPU hardware more efficiently? Or is the engine so lost that the only way to help it would be to throw it out and start all over? Can Black Dragon get around some of the limitations in a major way? I've been using BD for about a year or two and even it provides me with slow frame rates in places with more than a few avatars running top of the line hardware. I would imagine that BD would be bound by many limitations of the regular SL engine but I'm not positive. I realize the content people build can be to blame, but seriously, how hard would it be to have a piece of code in place that could detect bad content and streamline it on the fly? I wouldn't think that would be hard at all. So I'm left wondering what is wrong with the SL engine that causes it to hog the CPU and not utilize the GPU as it should like just about any other piece of software does?
  3. The reason is because of the poor programming on LL's part. I don't mind the laughing, I do the same thing every time I think about the GPU code in SL. I imagine 1 coder sitting in a little closet banging out the GPU code and then he gives up with his hands in the air and goes out for a smoke. When he comes back in, he goes to the cafeteria to get some pretzels and a beer. But yeah, that's it. 1 coder. And I laugh at that thought. It's probably true. I honestly sometimes think, that I could relearn C++ and do a better job at the code than what LL has done all these years. They just aren't working that GPU code correctly and I've heard all the debates on why it is, but I have yet to hear the exact reason the code suffers so badly as it relates to the GPU. There are always ways to work around problems. If it calls for a workaround, then give us that tasty workaround. We want it. I wonder if we could start a Kickstarter campaign for this. Anyone think this could work as a Kickstarter item? For those of us that actually care, how cool would it have been if, instead of Sansar, we got a high performance graphics viewer version of SL? That would have been killer. I've been waiting for that for over 10 years. I'll probably have to wait 10 more, just like Ace Ventura tells me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQAcBSO5jC8
  4. Hey OP. I know this is an old thread but in case your still around, the best option may be to open a Jira for this reason, if Jira still exists, or to contact the programmer of the 3rd party Black Dragon viewer. I'm in the exact same situation you are in. I have been building high performance PC's for over 20 years and I am still amazed at why Linden Lab does not see the benefit of retrofitting their software to utilize present day GPU's. If they've ever had incentive to do it, it's now, when they could ride the VR hardware hype wave. (Sansar is a total joke, it should be dropped and those resources should be put back into SL, everyone knows that.) I understand the difficulty in making things not break but it's been so many years you would think by now they would have come up with a way to do it (hell, even offer a high performance viewer, anything). I've had hopes for the Dragon Viewer but it still suffers from most of the same limitations as the regular viewer. Every time I build my latest PC which I always purchase mainly for SL, I am always dis-appointed with the performance of the GPU. I have over 10 years of experience in SL but it's always the same when it comes to the GPU performance in the software. If enough people complain loud enough about this issue, maybe some day it will be resolved, or who knows, maybe a hack is in order, like when Qarl Linden developed the mesh deformer. If someone could look at the graphics engine of SL in that light, maybe they could figure out the exact technical reason why it occurs, and repair it (or allow a tweak, .ini setting change, etc. to overcome the limitations). I know exactly what it's like to have the top of the line GPU and not being able to utilize it when you should. Currently I am using a GTX 1080ti and just like your system, only about 10% goes to the GPU for Second Life. Sometimes I'll be in a club with 10 users and the frame rate will drop to only 5 or 6 fps and the GPU sits at 10%. This is with a $700+ graphics card. It's maddening and I think the main reason is just due to the un-professionalism of the code development process, or lack of dedicated staff at Linden Lab. But, if as a community, we could look at the technical reasons, perhaps a hack could be invented by the user base. The Dragon Viewer programmer has offered quite a few graphics updates that the lab has not. Perhaps some day another user or band of users could do something with the GPU code. (That would be great). Perhaps the Black Dragon Viewer programmer knows the exact reason as well. We should also ask him. Has anyone asked him yet? He must know. For everyone else, sorry for the rant but this has been built up in me for 10 years. LL, get with the program already!!
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