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  1. Facing a stockpile of open cases, the Rogue Woods Police Department is urgently seeking police officers to investigate a string of murders and rapes within the sleepy hamlet. Until a Chief of Police is appointed, all officers will be under the direct supervision of the Mayor, the Honorable Morris Jenkins. Given the small size of the department, rapid advancement is likely for any qualified, motivated candidate. Also, bonuses will be paid upon the successful resolution of any case. Applicants should present themselves to the Mayor in person at their earliest convenience. ht
  2. Sorry Guys I thought I did my bad here it is though. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rogue Woods/230/93/501
  3. The Rp Sim of RogueWoods, Is currently holding a promotion and contest event. If you rent three weeks you get the 4th one free, and we have various types or rentals. From Small trailers, studio , and Larger houses. So please feel free to look around and choose which works for you. https://roguewoods.wixsite.com/home/available-rentals Once you have rented you can join the contest event! We are having a halloween Decorating Contest. First place Prize is 2000L!!! Yep 2000L Second Place is 1000L and 3rd place is 500L So there is a very real chance you will get your Lindens back
  4. Modern Fantasy Roleplay! The Town of Rogue Woods is a modern fantasy roleplay sim with a penchant for horror and mysterious happenings. Set in the year 2024, Rogue Woods is a small town nestled at the epicenter of the Bridgewater Triangle in Massachusetts where supernaturals (vampires, werewolves, fae, daemons and divinae oh my!) live largely in the open, witchcraft abounds and rival factions roam the streets. Where will you fit in? Come and find out! https://roguewoods.wixsite.com/home https://www.flickr.com/groups/4591160@
  5. The epicenter of the Bridgewater Triangle. Surrounded by Forests and Swamps, it has been noted through history as the most active supernatural sight beside the Bermuda Triangle. There are legends that this is where everything started. That the gates of Dreaming, The Under were centered here, that this was here the first races came through before man could even make fire. There are rumors that the Tribunal reside here and watch over the people, yet no one could ever point them out or explain their presence. I am currently in the process of Opening a New RP Sim. Building is s
  6. I Help manage a sim, Called the Last Stop, Hollow Creek NM.. We are newer and getting off the ground but since we have been official rp has been happening. We are building stories and actively recruiting for roles and Rpers. Its a fun environment, the staff is really nice and we would love to have and anyone who wants to rp and build stories.
  7. The last stop, a Modern Supernatural sim, set in Hollow Creek New Mexico is seeking a lycan Alpha for the slowly growing pack. The pack will be able to claim its own territory and business. It will also have its own caves for shifting and meeting together... The Alpha/race lead will be able to name their pack, control it, run the full moon events as well as be a lead with in the sim.. If you are interested Please Contact me inworld. Must be able to be active in rp and contribute to storylines!
  8. Well i am currently a lead in a modern supernatarul sim, that takes place in Modern New mexico.. Not sure if military would fit but we do need deputies.. and if it worked out perhaps a new sheriff... if your interested please PM Me inworld Alitthea Resident.
  9. hello, I am the vampire OOCly lead in a new adult rated modern supernatural rp. We have biker gangs, police cases, vampires and wolf wars and lots of storyline avenues. if your interested pm me inworld Alitthea Resident
  10. I know a newer sim, that is trying to build up its wolf pack, we might even need an Alpha if your interested.. IN Modern supernatural Rp Please message me Inworld. Alitthea Resident
  11. I Know a sim, that allows werewolves.. IM Me in world on Alitthea Resident!
  12. Ave All! I Am seeking a few people to join in my family on a new sim that is opening Officially on the 22nd! It is an Ancient Rome sim called the Anarchy of Rome. The sim is stunningly built, and the story and overall theme is pure perfection and very interesting... I Am a para Rper, so Full para to medium is preferred. I Am on Eastern time zone. The positions I have available are as follows. Father: IC head of the house... Character would be ICly beyond wealthy, and have all say over the family. Characters age Late 30s to mid 40s( Most important ) Mother: Married to my
  13. did you have any luck with the sim?
  14. Morathai has just opened up.. And there are four royal families who all might enjoy a princess.. Please PM Me In World at Alitthea Resident. We would love to have you!
  15. The land of Morathai, Is a newer Rp medieval fantasy sim with adult themes... We are currently in need of a variety of races. Dwarves we need greatly as we have tunnels and mining and they would have much to rp with us.. We also need Brothel workers.. Guards, knights, advisers, common folk, shop keepers and much more.. We at Morathai strive for a positive rp experience focused more on the stories you wish to build. We allow our rpers that join our sim to help with ideas and to branch out and enjoy all of what we have to offer.. For more questions Please message
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