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  1. well my sl mom, she just said 'u do know i'm a guy rl right? everyone knows that" ,, i was so new to sl, didnt know anyone just her,,, she told me coz she tp to me in a guy avie, i was so confused.. and my sis,,,,,, she confessed coz my frend kept teling me shes a guy rl, and would always make my sis cry calling her tranny,,, i told sis why do u care so much if he calls u a guy, just block him.... then she said its true
  2. i feel i lost my sl mom when she revealed she was a man,,,,, and my sister when she confessed she was a guy rl
  3. u can meet lots people at fishing place while fishing, i'm always thre fishing
  4. oki so the seat be in tree side .. thanks i'll fix that
  5. i'm a wanderer so i swim all over the map but there are underwater themes too
  6. i'llbe juliet and give me romeo <3
  7. yes , in my area i seen 2 lindens then next day saw auction lands
  8. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morzeny/115/88/30
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