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  1. Is there anyway tomake it bigger even ifi click it on it gets bigger butnot big enough?
  2. I'm thinking of using it but not sure how to and the costs? Do I just need t become premium and where do I buy voice morpher? Do I need to buy Morph voice changer separately?
  3. Hi I read online that a premium account costs $9.95 (or something like that) a month is this correct? Also, is this the same for wherever you are in the world I guess convert the money? Is there anymore hidden costs... for example if I sign up for premium when does the premium account end is it after a year? And then do I have a choice whether I want to renew it? Thanks.
  4. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one
  5. Ok is this happening to anyone else?
  6. Hi so I'm trying to login but keep getting the message 'Login failed' help? Thanks.
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