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  1. A nice, compact and beautiful sci-fi sim for RP is 2019-XS http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ravine/231/128/26 -- seems like it's just getting started and doesn't always have foot traffic, but when people are there they always seem cool and into adventure. I know some people like Insilco a lot, but I have only just walked around and not interacted much with anyone there.
  2. There are many bad or mediocre Supergirl uniforms in the marketplace, but none like what I want. I have been roleplaying online as SG in one form or another for 20+ years (!) and it's important to me that my appearance match my skills. I have a Maitreya mesh body and look the part. I have a particular style of uniform in mind and am willing to pay good money for a high-quality, unique uniform that meets my specifications and is tailored to my shape. I would be open to a situation where the outfit is exclusive to me for a period of time before you offer it to others in the marketplace, if you're looking for more revenue later. I'd prefer any marketplace versions to be slightly different so I can remain unique, but that's negotiable.
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