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  1. 12 hours ago, Rolig Loon said:

    I'm a reasonably smart scripter. What would you like to detect, and how do you suggest doing it? Keep in mind that there is no way for a script to tell when one person or object is being pushed by another one. And no way to tell whether a person is a griefer by looking at his age or payment status. If you have a good idea, I would love to take a crack it making it work, but I can't think of one myself.

    Heres your opportunity. 

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Social Island 6/30/94/8191

    *Avatar is is 0.29 and invisible: No profile no overhead indicators. Stuck in a state of arrival/teleportation.

    *I have a movelock

    *fly override

    I believe I was successful in gettting the other accounts banned (assumption).

    Another account using the same exploit but part of a grid of accounts used for griefing.

    How would a sim detect this? At what point is an avi able to push in a no push sim? Perhaps remaining in a state of arrival/teleportation? If an avi never fully rezzes. Can a sim detect that?

    Remember this point of my post was not ME asking for help it was ME taking on the challenge. And quote bombing me and replying out of context is easy pointlessness.

    I'm about to submit a report with pretty much conclusive evidence.

    Perhaps LL should consider a patch that 1) Removes avis from a sim that don't fully rez after a timeout.

    I don't back down from a challenge and I h8 bullies and forum pedantic quote junkie trolls that respond first and skew the topic so OT that there is not point to it anymore.

    There it is stuck at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Social Island 6/33/96/7752


  2. 5 minutes ago, Cindy Evanier said:


    So basically you were looking for only people under a certain post count to reply to your thread and then delete things when nobody seemed to be shocked there are griefers

    You concluded that? WOW do you have tomorrows lottery numbers too? You're amazing! Sorry I didn't see this post. Its WAY UP THERE and my "." posts are WAY Down there! LOL

    I get to have fun at all of your expense. Thank you so much.

  3. 2 hours ago, Pamela Galli said:

    FYI people who start threads do not own them. All threads are public property. 

    It was a recommendation. Not a demand. But whatever, I guess post count and rep gives everyone a pass to nit-pick a post and be a pedantic quote junkie troll. Do what you want. This post is DOA. So is this forum IMO...lol and yes I get to laugh as I log out of this stupid forum. Good riddance me! (ya im having fun now!). See you in SL...old-timers...lol

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