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  1. Heres your opportunity. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Social Island 6/30/94/8191 *Avatar is is 0.29 and invisible: No profile no overhead indicators. Stuck in a state of arrival/teleportation. *I have a movelock *fly override I believe I was successful in gettting the other accounts banned (assumption). Another account using the same exploit but part of a grid of accounts used for griefing. How would a sim detect this? At what point is an avi able to push in a no push sim? Perhaps remaining in a state of arrival/teleportation? If an avi never fully r
  2. You concluded that? WOW do you have tomorrows lottery numbers too? You're amazing! Sorry I didn't see this post. Its WAY UP THERE and my "." posts are WAY Down there! LOL I get to have fun at all of your expense. Thank you so much.
  3. It was a recommendation. Not a demand. But whatever, I guess post count and rep gives everyone a pass to nit-pick a post and be a pedantic quote junkie troll. Do what you want. This post is DOA. So is this forum IMO...lol and yes I get to laugh as I log out of this stupid forum. Good riddance me! (ya im having fun now!). See you in SL...old-timers...lol
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