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  1. The Sketchup CSG approach has potential as an in-world editor. Look at the Sketchup UI. The basic operations and 3D navigation are consistent with SL's metaphors. You move around the model, touch, point, pull, push, and drag. 

    In-world editing beyond the prim level would give SL a big edge over the competition. SineSpace, High Fidelity, and Sansar don't have in-world editing. But look who does. Minecraft. Roblox. Even Fortnite. The worlds that have far more users than SL.  SL is missing out here.

    Face it, the typical user is not going to learn Blender.  Even getting them to use Sketchup is tough. But give them an easy to use in-world building tool, and they can do things. Prims were the right idea for the late 1990s, but there's been progress in 3D editing since then.

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  2. I've just spent an hour running NickeyD's branch of Firestorm on Linux. This is based on the LL AlexIvy version.  It's looking good. Went to  Tralala's Diner, a Japanese street market with high detail and good LOD textures. The new texture cache handling seems better than the old. The street market looks good, LOD transitions are working well,. and nothing broke. I tried some fast motorcycle runs around Circuit de Corse, sometimes outrunning the texture loading, and that worked fine. Very nice. Nothing broke anywhere.

    This seems to fix https://jira.phoenixviewer.com/browse/FIRE-22342 segfaults related to using OpenJPEG instead of the non-free version.  (Not OpenJPEG's fault; a problem in error handling.) That's been the show-stopper on self-compiling Firestorm for some time.

    Once that branch gets merged back into Firestorm main, which is at, we should have straightforward 64-bit Linux builds again.  Waiting for this has been holding me back on working on velocity extrapolation at region crossings, which still needs improvement.

    Congratulations to everyone involved.

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  3. Moving models back and forth between Blender and Sketchup has to be a mess. Blender is a mesh editor. Sketchup is a constructive solid geometry editor.  CSG systems have real solids, not just faces. All CSG objects are "watertight".  Mesh to CSG is not likely to work too well, especially if the mesh isn't watertight.

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    1. How many "real users" (avatars who could answer a CAPTCHA if asked)  does SL really have on line at daily peak?
    2. Does LL have any serious plans to grow that number? The plans for 2018 seem unambitious.
    3. SL is far below modern video game standards in terms of frame rate, image quality, and movement control. What's the plan to get up there, to at least the level of High Fidelity or SineSpace.
    4. What's the plan for mobile?
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  4. We've now driven 1000km with our test bikes. Results so far:

    • 1000.63 km driven.
    • 68.42 driving hours.
    • 5234 region crossings.
    • 25 clear "half unsit" region crossing failures.
    • 64 trips with "trouble" (see below).
    • Fastest trip over 10km: 54.59km/h. (Rachel Stardust)

    Leader board - Successful trips over 10km.

    | driver_name         | speed              | distance | trip_status |
    | Rachel1206 Resident |  54.59476223527404 |  15.6657 | OK          |
    | animats Resident    |  50.04449913300664 |   11.538 | OK          |
    | Rachel1206 Resident | 42.340414923148096 |  10.9615 | OK          |
    | Rachel1206 Resident | 41.240210008481924 |  11.7649 | OK          |
    | animats Resident    |  40.81029328697811 |  33.3964 | OK          |

    Distance is km, speed is km/h.

    We're ready to start planning some road rallies.

    (Getting caught in a ban line, running off the road and logging out, browser crashes,  getting disconnected, or simply logging out without getting off the bike first  all count as "trouble". A successful trip is when the driver had no logged problems and parked the bike at the end.)


    Our free demo bike rezzer in Kama City.

    Go take a test drive. Go anywhere in Zindra.  No time limit; the bike will disappear when you get off.

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  5. Yes, WF was just looking at this area. My bike shop is in Vallone, next to Kama Center, so I've been seeing this a lot.


    Here, I'm in Kama Center and can't see Clarksville. With draw distance set high, I can see sims past Clarksville. Flying over Kama Center, all four diagonally adjacent sims blank out after a while. Definite bug.

    Kama Center is running Second Life RC LeTigre

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  6. missingquadrant_001.thumb.jpg.bf3851f56eb13597f7bec1acbd08210b.jpg

    I've had this happen four times in Kama City in the last 15 minutes. It's always across a diagonal sim crossing. The region renders if I enter it; it's not offline. It renders if I get onto a sim with a common edge, not just a corner. Otherwise, I can sit there and look at water for minutes. This started about two days ago and now it's really common. The most recent region to disappear was Strute. Standard Firestorm 5.0.11, 64-bit, Linux.

  7. So I teamed up with one of SL's better bike builders, Rachel Stardust, and we now have a much better bike.thebike_001.thumb.jpg.92d10e0e957ad421f06ae9af2e2d0301.jpg

    Smooth Rider

    This bike is a good bike tuned for road use, and it has all the region crossing code. We routinely drive this all the way around SL continents without much trouble. 40-50MPH is no problem, and you can go faster on long straight sections of good road. Rachel went through Bay City at 140MPH without a problem. Going on sale soon.

    We've done a lot of testing. 812 kilometers of it. Our bikes have been to 972 different regions. I've driven around every SL continent. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. 25MPH for sightseeing; 50-60 on the long straight sections. Just like real life.

    We've been able to fix or work around everything but Second Life BUG 214653, the bug discussed above. About once per hour of travel, depending on network conditions, that bug hits and causes a half-unsit. The bike stops, and if you log out and back in, it's there waiting for you. You can get back on and drive away. We can't fix that one, because it's sim-side, but we can contain the damage. I'm beating hard on several of the Lindens to fix this bug.

    Many of the fixes here were discovered in the distant past of SL and forgotten. Locking a vehicle at a region crossing until the avatars catch up was known in 2012.  Myuki Mills and I both discovered it independently. Myuki builds some very nice bikes. with most of the fixes we have. We've talked, and now we both know how the other does it. He has a nice feature I didn't have; no sinking at region crossings. We solved the sinking problem by going to balloon mode (global hover height) briefly during a region crossing. Bad roads and bridges are now far less of a problem.

    Now it's simple.  Just get on and ride. You get where you're going without serious trouble. And you can go pretty fast. We're going to have some fun with this. Stay tuned.


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  8. A JIRA? For an operational problem? Besides, I've looked at the JIRA stats. Mean time to fix a bug is measured in years.

    This is the kind of thing SL's internal monitoring should catch. One would expect, after 15 years, that SL would have good internal monitoring.

    Interestingly, when the sim blanked out, it blanked out for both me and another user. So it wasn't my network connection; it was somewhere closer to SL's  servers.

    I've given up on reporting minor operational problems to LL. Unless it's really broken badly, I'll just get some "we can't see anything wrong" answer. Support is in denial about Vallone sim lagging badly every 10 seconds. There's a huge periodic spike in script time and "Pump I/O". Support tried to tell me that the problem was that I had a lag meter.

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  9. Probably a bad idea. If you expose a public URL, it's going to get traffic from web scrapers, attackers, indexers, and other annoyances. Anyone who's looked at a web server log knows how much junk has to be rejected.  SL's sims don't have the spare compute power to deal with that noise. I'm amazed that SL accepts inbound HTTP at all.

    If you want to affect the SL world from the Web, probably the way to do it is to have a server outside SL which accepts connections from objects inside SL. The outside server takes all the external hits. Your objects inside SL talk to your server occasionally or when they state change. If you really need inbound to SL, your object tells your server about your randomly generated SL URL, and then your server can talk to your objects without waiting for a poll.

    I have a server running now which is getting reports from the SL motorcycles we have in test. The bikes make HTTP requests to the server to make log entries. On the server, a Go program puts them into a MySQLdatabase.  So whenever a bike has a problem, we can go back and see what went wrong. (We currently have 733km of travel in SL logged, and 943 different regions have been visited by riders on our bikes.)

    Currently, there's no data going back into SL from our server. It's just debug logging.. But I want to set up leader boards which show riders distances and speeds for their road trips. That will require data transfer back into SL. Whether the leader boards should poll, or use an inbound URL, is an open question. I'm currently thinking of polling about once every two minutes.

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  10. Despite Klytyna, New Babbage has several impressive underwater houses.


    Access tunnel


    House interior

    To visit, go here.

    You're on the shore end of a pier. Walk to the end of the pier out in the Vernian Sea. Take the elevator down into the ocean. Follow the underwater glassed in corridor straight until you see the underwater house on the right. Go up the steps and through two airlocks to reach the house.

    After you've seen the house, with all its clarity,  go back up top and take a good look above and below the ocean.

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  11. Strange problems with some regions today. Kama Central and Clarksville sims repeatedly blanking out for me, displaying as water, while the avatar was stationary. The sims were not restarted; their last restart time didn't change. It's more like their network connections failed for a while.

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