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  1. It's not so bad. We finished and tested the product version of the region crossing bike,, and it's now for sale at the 2RAW EXTREME racetrack/store, on a private sim far from the trouble sport. I don't have to do anything at my workshop in Kama City for a while. So I went out in RL, went to the ocean and had a fish dinner at a place on the coast south of San Francisco. Since my part of SL is still broken, I'm trying SineSpace. Notes: SineSpace is so empty it makes Metropolis Metaversium look busy. There are about 10 people in world right now. It's disconnected sims about 1-2km on a side, like Sansar. There are about 30 of them, and none of them have much in them. I'm in a steampunk city. It's completely static. Nothing does anything. Can't even open doors. The buildings I can enter are empty rooms. Nothing to click on unless someone sets up a button. No sitting. No objects that do much. Walking up stairs works; the feet go on the steps properly. Level of detail handling is sometimes really good. You can see out to the horizon in the desert and you don't see the changes in level of detail unless you look hard. But in crowded areas, they seem to overuse fog, like Sansar does. Each area has its own visual style. Too many of them look like My First Indy Game. Overall, it feels like a collection of unrelated games. They share an inventory, but that's about it. It's not a serious competitor to Second Life, and it doesn't seem likely to become one.
  2. It's still going on, over 8 hours later. Where's the abuse team when you need them? I think the problem is coming from this vacant parcel: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rhodenwald/16/183/36 That parcel is set to infinite auto-return time. Object entry, but not building, is allowed. The adjacent parcel allows building but has a 2 minute auto return. So someone can rez a nuisance on the parcel that allows building and move it to the no-autoreturn parcel. I can't find the object center, but it's playing loud J-Pop music and that's coming from there or very near. Notified parcel owner.
  3. The griefing is still going on as of about 5 minutes ago. I went over to Heterocera for bike testing, and when I came back, Kama City was still having problems. Areas within about 500m of Rhodenwald are affected. I saw a Linden in world a hour ago, and I sent them the object UUID and some other info, but the problem didn't get fixed. Two days ago there was a problem in the same area which was causing strange region crossing failures. Not just a half-unsit; the bike disappeared and was never seen again, not even in Lost+Found. The regions were restarted and that went away. Today, I hit a temporary "region full" error on a region that's normally nowhere near full. The "region disappears across a diagonal" problem keeps coming back. And Vallone still has a huge spike in lag every 10 seconds. As a property owner in Zindra, I'm not happy about all this.
  4. This is affecting a large area in Zindra, maybe 10 sims, all the way to Horizons. I'm about 2 sims away from the center of it. For most of the big flat planes, clicking on returns says "no object selected". But in Rhodenwald, it's selectable. Object: "Bullet" UUID: e7e339c0-d528-20d3-539f-e3f7d7dce0ce Owner: "Kiss my ...." (full name in abuse report.) Payment info used. Land impact: 1 Display weight: 404. Contents: 3 anime dance animations, "Homing Script", music, and a texture animation.
  5. Yes, got an owner, filed an abuse report. Kama City is unusable until this is fixed.
  6. I just started having giant angled planes appear in world in Kama City. I thought it was a viewer problem, but it's happening on both a Linux machine running Firestorm and a Windows 7 machine running the LL viewer. Current LL viewer, Windows 7 64-bit Firestorm 5.1.3, Linux 64-bit Is this a bug, or some kind of griefing? In Rhodenwald and other places in Kama City.
  7. How do you get items copied to the beta grid? At one time it was automatic and happened daily. Then that broke, and you had to ask support. Now I got this from land support: Q: Request inventory recopy from main grid to Aditi. Thanks. A: Thank you for contacting us about this issue! In order to get this done, I am escalating your request to another group. They should be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for your patience. That was 8 days ago. Looks like support forgot how to do this. Is there some specific way you're supposed to ask?
  8. Some parts of Kama City have double prims, and some don't. Is there some rationale for that? The result is large, hollow buildings in the single prim area. Someone just put up a nice looking skyscraper, in Empire State Building style, but above the first floor, it's a hollow shell. The place feels sparse. In the double prim area, someone just built a nice diner, convenience store, and gas station, and those have enough objects to look properly detailed.
  9. Sex and BDSM in Second Life consist of two or more avatars sitting on something which runs animations on the avatars. That's the technology. There are furniture items available which support sex, BDSM, etc. Areas for sex play usually have some such furniture for public use. The avatars never quite align properly. The animation system has no info about the limb lengths for each avatar, and doesn't do avatar-avatar collisions. It's kind of fun for a few weeks. Then it's boring.
  10. Oh, I'll have to try an upload with a non self compiled Firestorm.
  11. Because physics convex hulls are recomputed in the viewer for display, not sent from the server. The convex hull generation is done in the LL viewer with a copy of the Havok code used server side. Firestorm does not have that code, because they don't have a Havok license. You get a message about this every time you upload a mesh object from Firestorm.
  12. Just to see what would happen, I tried generating a Collada file in FreeCAD and uploading it. Uploading a simple cube and sphere worked. Uploading an entire architectural model of a real world house produced "Error: element is invalid" from Firestorm upload, without more useful information on screen or in the error log.
  13. It's a bad day for SL. Give up. Go out and do RL today. See https://status.secondlifegrid.net/.
  14. It doesn't seem to matter where the physics weight comes from. It just needs more of it. Bug known for years, apparently. Visible level of detail for mesh objects is a separate problem, much discussed in the mesh forum.
  15. Yes. Landing points should have a diameter. You should land somewhere in the target circle. Hitting people who just landed with messages or notecards or gifts makes it worse. They can't move until they dismiss all the spam. Avatars pile up while dealing with their inboxes. Don't judge by today's performance, though. SL is very broken today. Look at the grid status. I'm seeing so much breakage I'm giving up for today.
  16. Parts of SL are broken today. I just had extreme half-unsits at the Eichorn Cove / Corchalo crossing. Twice, about half an hour apart. Much worse than usual. Driver avatar ends up in air. Passenger ends up on ground. Bike disappears, and does not show up in Lost+Found later. During the region cross, the bike motor sound climbs in pitch for several seconds. (There's nothing in the script to do that. There's not even an LSL feature to do that). Logging information from the bike (our bikes log region crossing data to a server outside SL) shows everything normal up to when the bike disappears. Teleporting out didn't work. Logging out and back in worked for me, but the passenger tried that and seemed to be logged in twice. Their copy of Firestorm lost its settings. On top of this, routine stuff is failing. Stalls for five seconds when flying. Diagonally adjacent regions disappearing. Mostly in Kama City; Robin Loop in Heterocera was OK, although a bit sluggish. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ shows problems today, and the problems may be worse than the status page indicates.
  17. Right now, three of the sims diagonally adjacent to Vallone are blanked out.
  18. Filed a support request to fix the two places in Heterocera where main roads trigger this problem. Only a few spots trigger this, and you don't expect it, since it's an obscure bug. Part of our ongoing effort to make SL great for long distance driving.
  19. Too little physics weight really does break the collision system. I made every object in the bike a convex hull. Land impact went from 17 to 18. The bike no longer falls through the ramp. It sometimes gets "caught" by a nonexistent obstacle on steep ramps, though, just like the prim/sculptie bike. There seems to be a critical angle for this bug. Rachel Stardust tried making ramps with different slopes. Over 18 degrees at the break, fail. Under 18 degrees, success. Here's the troublesome Heterocera bridge. 20 degrees at the break. Way too much. That bridge seems to be modeled after the famous bridge at Chappaquiddick, which has been in the news lately. A bad bridge design that changed history. Not as steep as the bridge in SL. Very few main roads in RL or SL have a break this sharp. There's a steep spot at one end of the Heterocera bridge, and a steep spot on Robin Loop. Those are the only really bad spots I have found, and that's with over 500km of SL driving. What we need here is some mole work on a few trouble spots. The steepest street in San Francisco is 17.5 degrees, and the approach isn't a hard break like SL. Given this unfixed physics bug, SL should keep worst case road slopes down to 15 degrees. That's huge by real world standards. 10 degrees is the normal limit for mountain roads. 20 degrees is unrealistic and things break.
  20. Thanks very much. That explains a lot. The bike that isn't working is a modern 17 LI all mesh design. The bike that is working is an old prim and sculpt design with a LI over 30. Guess we have to add some dead weight.
  21. I've tried old show physics in the LL viewer in a sandbox. It's not too helpful. Tried Prim mode for the big mesh object. Didn't help. The big mesh object works fine at very slow speed. At slower than walking speed, the collisions work right. The translucent blue object is the sled mesh. Only it and the frame (which is the root) are collidable in this test. So here, it's supporting the bike, like it should. Both are set to convex hull. At walking speed, the blue object goes through the ramp. The slope determines what happens. Above 18 degrees, fails, even at slow speeds. Below 18 degrees, succeeds, even at high speeds. The vehicle system prevents the vehicle from rotating rapidly in pitch. The collision system is trying to rotate it. That ought to result in going up the hill in a horizontal attitude, and for some vehicles, it does. But here, the vehicle goes into the hill. But turning down angular friction or linear deflection in the vehicle params has no effect. That doesn't seem to be it. I have a bike from Marketplace which can take this hill at very high speeds. It's non mesh. No sled prim. Torus tires, cylinder wheels, sculpted body. Replying to Callum: tried changing big prim physics type to Prim from Convex Hull. Didn't help. Show Physics (in LL viewer, of course; it's meaningless for mesh in Firestorm) shows the big sled mesh object looking like the big sled mesh object. That object, all by itself, seems to have proper physics properties.
  22. So we've spent two hours trying various bikes against that 30 degree ramp. Some fall through, some can climb the ramp. One old super bike does well, even at high speed. Don't know why. The front wheel does go into the ramp momentarily, but then comes out. Huge lag in the sandbox today, but the lag meter and statistics all look good. Big sled prims don't help much. Even a simple rectangular prim can fall through that ramp. Making the ramp thicker, 1 meter, doesn't help. Making the ramp from short sections doesn't help. I've seen a "sled" form which is a row of cylinders. I think the idea there may be that if the collision detection system misses one collision, one of the other collisions will be detected and will get things back on track. Something else in SL to have to work around.
  23. Yes, I reset camera params after a region crossing too. It gets the camera back on track. It would be worth looking at the code in the viewer for camera control. It would work better if camera control was aware of region crossings. I think there's a bug where camera control briefly applies the position relative to one region to the location of a different region. That's when the camera suddenly gets hundreds of meters from the avatar, then zips back.
  24. Here's the bike, supported by that mesh object, shown translucent in blue, trying to cross a bridge like the one in Heterocera. Collision detection seems to fail here. The simple convex shape goes right through that thin prim. Except for this special case, that bike works quite well, and rides nicely on that blue convex mesh object. Rough roads and curbs work fine. Then, stuck - avatar on top, bike underneath. It doesn't recover. It gets worse. This has to be a known problem. Any comments?
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