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  1. Good evening, I've given a tag permission to change music and media in parcel settings along with toggle various "About Land > Options settings", but the members in this group can't change still can't change anything like stream or media settings. What about be causing this issue?
  2. after some playing around i was able to get it to work, thank you!
  3. Good evening! I have a question of dividing a parcel I'm renting into smaller parcels, I'm renting a quarter sim, in the general tab it shows I'm the owner but in the covenant, it shows the person who I'm renting from. the land is set to my group but it appears i'm not able to break off chunks of the parcel to allow renters their own privacy. Am i missing something or is this how the land lord has it set up?
  4. Good evening, I'm renting a piece of land which i have almost full rights to. I'm running into a problem with somebody trying to move/rez an object into this parcel but i can't see them. Is there any way to track to see who tries to put things on your land?
  5. Doh should have known i misspelled that. Thanks for the info!
  6. From what i was told, you'd step in/sit in it and you got teleported to a new area. Kinda like the Tartus. Its for a rp element in a sim, want to have a pg photoshoot and a private adult one.
  7. Good morning/afternoon/evening! Sorry if this is the wrong spot, but I'm looking for an item in the marketplace but i'm having a hard time finding it. It's a privacy space but instead of a huge sphere its avatar size. I was told by a friend about it, but the person who has it hasn't been around for a while. Was hoping somebody could help me in locating it.
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