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  1. I understand this is nothing official, but it'd be extremely helpful if someone here can confirm that this was or was not an error from LL, maybe based on their own experience. Calling the Labs is not that viable an option for me as my ISD charges alone will exceed 7 USD as I live outside US/Canada. Thank you both for trying to help.
  2. The land holdings never had to do anything with group. All I did was buy the the 1024 and sell it.
  3. Thank you everyone for answering I owned no more than a 1024 sqm parcel while I had a premium membership until the first week of August and never had to pay it because my land holdings always were within the the allowed free tier. Do such land fees include fees for the 1024 sqm land at additional land holdings fee rate for 1024 sqm (7 USD) ? The failure in charging is because I had disconnected my PayPal account from billing methods and that should be easily fixed as the dues will be cleared when I sell convert lindens to USD for a payout. I'd appreciate some clarity on
  4. I recently downgraded my premium account to basic, hence there are no mainland holdings. I used to own a 1024 sqm mainland parcel which was sold before I downgraded to basic. I was charged 7 USD on 23rd August (yesterday) and my account has a USD balance of USD -7.00 now. Is this supposed to happen? I see 'Next bill date: 9-23-2018' on the Land Holdings section on my Account Summary page, does this mean that I'll be charged 7 USD again next month?
  5. No boxes, just skins (wearable items) inside a folder.
  6. There are decent number of image conscious customers (those who dont want nails painted on their toes) too... I have to keep their interest. BTW, my skins will only be made for a few full mesh avatars with SL UV maps, not head and body match ups and neck blenders and whatnots.
  7. I don't know about all but I consider myself as one of those of those image conscious skin makers and that is why I never wanted to put my system skins on every mesh body using some "universal " applier. With BoM, all I have to do is make separate system skins and put specific avatar brand name on each. I suppose costumers who go through the pain of figuring out applier systems will appreciate only having to find the skin item for your particular avatar in a folder.
  8. Really? I thought BoM is not going to break anything that's already working and certainly not 'putting texture on a face'.
  9. I've been reading the topic since it came up on the forum and just watched the last creators meeting video. I can understand the applier systems and applier makers trying to save their business but come on now! you can still apply textures using HUDs right..whats the big deal? Appliers were a necessity but not anymore so I hope the dilemma of applier systems won't stop LL from 'taking another step forward' (please overlook the irony of backward compatibility also, avatars are anything that's attached to the skeleton (i guess) and not necessarily generic male and female avatars and certainly n
  10. 512 sqm Mainland for sale. Water land - land is situated in open waters. A small, beautiful, extremely calm & quiet parcel. Suitable for a romantic hideaway. Navigable open water all around (for sailing fun) * No monthly tier, If you are using your premium allowance just on this land. 8500 L$, The price is cheap for what it offers. VISIT PARCEL INWORLD Contact for details : Sachios Feden
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