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  1. I no longer live in Iowa but I lived there for 6 years in Cedar Rapids, had friends in Oelwein and Marshalltown so Im familair with the are. Loved the people in Iowa but I live in Washington now :)
  2. wont even consider no copy items, I've lost entirely too many things that were no copy. I don't see anything that isn't copy either. It doesn't matter how good the quality is, search long enough and you can find copy items of the same quality in most cases.
  3. We have never raised rent in the first place so our residents have mostly been with us for 10+ years. We ARE quite small only have three islands and an open space sim but dont think that all private island owners treat this as a business. We just added a third island so our existing residents could expand and we could offer some additional parcels for rent. I know of several other people who have really small operations and they are alot like me and my sisters. we just want to rent out enough land to help subsidize our SL playtime and SHOPPING LOL. I do advise to ensure that smaller operations have been around awhile to be on the safe side but anyone looking for land should be able to find it easily enough AND at fair prices.
  4. Looking for land, Come see why a majority of our residents have been with us for 10 years or more. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kai%20Kono/89/144/22 Private Island Benefits All Private island parcels are deeded to our residents with full land rights. All Parcels include prim bonus 4096 = 1875 Prims 1250$/Week 8192 = 3750 Prims 2500$/Week apartment skyboxes are also available. all use Multi-scene with a variety of skybox options 10% Discount for monthly payments. after 6 months all payments receive 20% Discount. Three Sisters benefits for all residents Mainland or Island ◊ Free store space for residents who create items for sale ◊ Free use of Event locations for hosting Public events ◊ Free Monthly gifts and 2500L gift certificates from Smart Tarts located on Kaunu Isle. ALL parcels come with homes and landscaping, Private island residents can return anything they do not want to use.
  5. Id be willing to pay 1000. Message me if this is appropriate
  6. Hi Basically when you rent a "Deeded Parcel" from someone on a private island, they "sell" you the parcel and you have full owner rights but you pay NO TIER at all to Linden labs and do NOT have to be a premium member. If you would like a small demo of this, you can IM me in world and Ill sell you a small parcel for 1 L$ so you can see what you can and do in most cases. the process is you buy the land from a private island owner and that price goes toward rental fees you pay to the island Owner typically this is around 2000-2500 L$ per week for a 8192 parcel. The owner of the island will typically have a tier rent box for you to pay each week, month or whatever. PLEASE READ THE COVENANT for the land before you buy. there may be rules or restrictions you may not like.
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