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  1. Well it's funny cause what happened with my "moving the walls" was I was gettin some cuddlin going on... And uh. I may have went a little too fast in trying to mess with my stylist Hud, so instead of detaching that I zoomed through and clicked "Take" On my wall... After re-rezzing my house I freaking moved the wall LOL. So I'm gonna lock it =) Thanks.
  2. So I'm an idiot and I keep grabbing my walls when I'm fiddling with the options in my house, and three times I've accidently moved the walls of my house.. Completely derping up the position of it. Making it not aligned with the windows and the doors and junk. My house comes from a rezzed object, pretty decent quality. It's just not all one object. Now, here's my question. Is there a way I can disable this click thing? Like if I accidently hold left click and move my mouse when I'm holding onto my wall, and make it so doing that doesn't move my house? Or do I need to be perhaps in another group that doesn't have rez permissions? I'm sure everything I'm doing is my fault, I just want to know how to avoid it.. And it seems I'm clumsy. =) I hope I explained it well.
  3. Juliviere

    Land lag effect doors?

    I've had land for a few months now, I've just really been paying my rent and afking on it. Today I decided to buy a house and plop it down. It's a pretty great house! That aside, I've noticed the doors and windows opening WAY slower than they did when I bought it from the land I previewed it on. Now, I'm pretty sure this isin't an option I can turn on to make them open faster... I've come to the consensus that maybe land lag is a big effect. Since I think the land I rent is pretty laggy. Is this the case? Would a laggy-ish land make it so doors and windows open super slow?
  4. So I've had my avatar up for awhile and I'm actually enjoying the look of it! My girlfriend does too- So all's good on that. But since I'm a curious thing I'm interested to know other peoples opinions... Not about the avatar! But about originality. So I have a Catwa head, not Catya a different one... I edited the shape a bit so the face is edited to my liking, nothing incredibly different but it's certainly different from the base shape you have to wear for the head. + Modified some of the body a bit to my liking. Certainly enjoying it! Now.. here's where my question comes in. There's a ton of heads on Second Life, and a ton of skin combo's... But is it generally looked down upon if you don't edit heavily upon the shape to make your bought head look totally different? I see all these shape vendors for certain heads that have a variety of shapes that make the certain head you have look really different than the base. But is that necessary? There's a ton of different heads as I said above so how often will you really come across a person and say "Oh the head they have looks totally like the default facial structure of it. Total noob."... Or am I just naive in thinking that? Honestly, it's stupid because I really think my avatars pretty. But I just have to know! Is it noobing it up if my head looks near how it looked when I bought it?
  5. Hmm... from what I'm reading it sounds kind of boring. Perhaps it's not right for me. Maybe something else. Thanks guys!
  6. Hi, I hope this is in the right spot. I'm interested in getting into GOR with my girlfriend, we know the basics of what the world is about, and I've read up on some basic stuff about castes, Free women, and some other junk. 1. Does anyone have any advice in regards to getting into GOR? I'm a pretty good roleplayer, as is she. 2. I find there's a ton of sims, and apparently I've been told there can be some big differences between each GOR sim. What should I expect? 3. Is the free woman clothing thing a definite across all sims? It's not a big deal to me, some of it is interesting. I was just curious. Lastly I'm pretty much of the understanding that being a Free Woman character needs some definite experience, since I lack that... and I seriously want to play one! I'm asking this- Is there anyone that's willing to take my questions or offer a sort of mini mentor role when I need to ask questions? I would really prefer someone who speaks English as well as a native, or almost as well. Thanks! Also I'm fairly aware that sometimes people have some slight controversies over these, GOR is not something I'm entirely needing or setting my mind on. If I don't think its right for what I want to RP I won't! It's just better for me to take a shot with something first before turning it down. Thanks.
  7. Thank you! I will learn to demo LOL. This is all very important for me to learn, so I appreciate it I see some familiar faces on my posts, so I will not reply to all of them but thank you to the people who replied to each one! Thank you and these tips are useful.
  8. Thank you all very much for your help! I will take this all into consideration when shopping.
  9. I am looking for answers on how people decide to organize their inventory, I understand that people have their own ways they do it and I would like to hear so I can put something together for myself. I keep second guessing myself on how I should set it up. I do not want to end up with a cluttered inventory.
  10. I am overwhelmed with the massive amount of content to pick up, though I understand this is that type of game (Virtual world!) I kind of wonder if people have any tips for those who are overwhelmed with choices? I've come to the realization that a lot of people use mesh bodies which is fine.. I think that means I have to use mesh enabled clothing? 1. Any tips to not get overwhelmed when shopping with choices? 2. Is certain clothing made before a certain year considered meh in quality? 3. Mesh bodies = Mesh clothing needed correct? 4. Anything to avoid when shopping? Such as scammy places not to go to and junk? Thanks I get these might not be the traditional ask questions but I think they fit here.
  11. Juliviere

    Questions about land

    Hi, interested in purchasing land for myself. I realize you have to be premium, already factored that in. I haven't went ahead and tried to buy land yet, I just want to ask some questions before I do. 1. How would I obtain land in an adult area? Is this something I can buy directly from Linden labs? or do I have to buy from other people? 2. If I don't end up buying my own... Huge huge huge region (Which I definitely can't) I assume I'd have to get something kinda smaller and deal with neighbours? 3. What's a good size for two people? (Mainly looking to put a house down, and perhaps have a small little forest or a pond or something. That's not really helpful I realize that :"|) 4. Is there a guide for new homeowners? I'm kind of overwhelmed at the idea of shopping for furniture and housing. Should I just get things that are high review and look nice? 5. Are lInden lab homes anything good? I am just under the assumption, but I heard talk of Linden homes ( I think that's what they were called) And I wonder if they are any good compared to a place that might be built up with furniture that has poses and all that. Thanks for the help
  12. Juliviere

    Questions about Mesh

    Hi, haven't used Mesh yet and I'm confused after reading some things about it. I will base my questions off the Maitreya body since.. I think that's the one people use. I dunno if it's just called "Maitreya body" But I hear people reference it as the best. 1. If its a mesh body, how do people look different or have different body shapes? Does the shape you use underneath the mesh body affect how it looks? 2. If its a mesh body, I assume it ignores the head? I heard certain mesh bodies comes with hands and feet but if it ignores the head I assume that's how you have different face looks? 3. How easy to understand are these bodies/Using the hud to customize them? I heard people are more or less using mesh bodies now. I figure there's a reason? 4. Do most clothing makers make mesh clothing now that fits to the mesh body? How easy do they fit to the body? 5. If its a mesh body how can it be customization? Such as getting my own skin with textures and such that I like. I'm pretty new to all of this, I'm picking it up but questions like these kind of are hard to wrap my head around.
  13. I have a bunch of different questions about Second Life that would realistically go into different tabs. (Avatar, Land, etc) But in previous forums it's pretty discouraged to make multiple posts. Can the Answers>Getting started be used to ask multiple questions instead of making a bunch of different threads?
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