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  1. Well I don't really create any guy alts on here per séy…but I HAVE created an guy alt on an hyper grid/open sim grid, mostly just so to help me with poses in furnitures and things like that, so the next time my guy hops on, I can show him that it works…for the most part lol XD Or I can try on various outfits on my dude alt (on the HGs) and see if they fit, and then give some to my BF lol So that's my whole purpose of creating an alt. ^_^ I don't really use him for any other purposes other than furniture try-ons and try'n on clothes and such…o_0

  2. Basically most of my SL time is spent alone almost most of the time whenever my partner ain’t really on all that much; 90% of the things i can do on my own w/out the need of him being online like shop’n around, trying on demo stuff, rearranging furnitures around the house, customizing my avi. in my own unique way and such…Only time when he’s ever online is mostly just to have some chit chats with him bout our days *I.R.L.*, or him asking my opinions on clothes he wears on his avi., and try’n to see what looks good and what not…So yea, way before i met him, most of my (alone) time was pretty much just spent exploring around various sims, 🚶🏼‍♀️and occasionally chat’n in IMs with a few friends i’ve made…Just like yesterday and the day before when he wasn’t on, i just went around exploring, then if i find some good sims to hang out at, i’d give him the LMs, so that the next time he’s on, we can go exploring together…😍 

  3. haha yes! ? i’ve been having an classic avi. for the longest time ever! ? Tho till just recently i also tried on maitreya mesh body,  (before i bought it) and i also started to like it as well…0_0 then i just decided to buy it, cuz it just looked that damn good…lol..? This one chic whom befriended me told me that everything looks good in mesh. ^_^ So once i bought this maitreya mesh body and put it over my classic avi.’s skin with the alpha, and checked my new avi. out…it def. looked really nice for sure..^.^ Added some clothes to go along with it, and found out it looked quite sexy lol Ofcours after i bought it, it took me some time to get fully adjusted to it, and also trying to figure out the HUD and all that good stuff..? I had bought alotta clothes also took some freebie outfits for my classsic avi., a while back, but when i looked at the other sizes that came along with it, i wasn’t sure wtf was up with the other sizes like Slink, Freya, Maitreya, ect…and those didn’t even seem to fit my classic avi. SMH ??‍♀️ Now with this new mesh avi, the clothes type/size see, to actually *fit* with it, which i’m glad that it did! ?

  4. well i don't have a pic. of my old avi at the time when i first joined…lol but when i started on here, all i had was alotta crappy starter clothes, and it just didn't look right to me…prob. had a purple shirt on with yellow skirt or sumth'n..didn't rly know how to buy things when i first joined…^^;;; nor even how to customize an avi. at all rly haha ^^;;

    *edit post*: now my avi looks a lot better as compared to how my avi used to look from way back when…5a15e22a6cb07_relaxn_001.thumb.jpg.59ec2568481aa171e6f5b4279c0fd801.jpg

    this is my current look as of now ^_^ and i actually rly like it a lot, mainly cuz sometimes when i'm around those rly cool look'n fantasy lights in forests, my clothes and hair almost looks like its glow'n with those lights xD

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  5. the only thing that i find disappointing imo is the fact that we have to pay 10 lindins just to save photos we take as well as upload pics, textures, ect, and we have to pay 10 lindins for those too! SMH >:( i mean i wish it was free for when we save photos to our inventory. i just hate that tbh…-_-(\ heck, why can't it all just be free when we upload and/or save photos, that much i don't get..:/ sometimes i think SL is being pretty freak'n greedy asf! >:[

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  6. i actually agree with some of the things the others have said here. Def. ditch the ***** for sure, mainly cuz i think he doesn't even know how to maintain an actual stable relationship, and he wants to keep this "relationship" a secret. i mean who the hell does that *****?! lol SMH >:( i think you should try find'n urself a better guy than this worthless idiot tbh. just remember that trust and honesty goes hand in hand in any stable relationship. B|

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