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  1. Thank you again ! I guess the methods that I tried to use were not the best. Also starting a topic as I did was not appropriate ; I guess i'll just rely on the research bar and private messages.
  2. Thank you, this is kind of what I'm talking about. (without the judgement haha, but you're right, I guess SL is not a platform for fragile souls).
  3. Uhm.. okay ? I took a topic for another one, there's no big deal.
  4. I am simply doing research on virtual representations.
  5. Do you realize that I will not share my methodology on the internet at this point of the research, do you ? My advisor, a PhD herself, approves it all. You are just being ridiculous and I am ridiculous myself by continuing to answer to you.
  6. No, I didn't say that. I was saying that regular teenagers lie about things. Of course, average teenagers don't have problems in dissociating virtual reality and real life !
  7. I already posted it. You are visibly a troll I judged you because of that uninformed question. Someone that simply asks how the therapy should be lead when they clearly have no additional information on the personal background of the patient is someone who doesn't have much knowledge on the issue.
  8. We are talking about a scientific article in which a SL player stated that she was raped in this game. You didn't even read all the discussion... It depends on every patient. You clearly have no psychological knowledge since you ask me that general question. It's ok.
  9. There is are a lot of different opinions. Look, I didn't invent the fact. The fact talked about rape, so I took it as it was. I am talking about representations, since everything on SL is about representations.
  10. Well... If someone comes to me and says "I got raped in SL" should I tell them from the start that it is not the case ? It takes time to put limits between reality and virtual reality. I am still learning, you know. It just seemed inappropriate to start a topic by saying "I know your rape is not real, but hey, can we talk about it anyway?" I changed the topic's title.
  11. My definitions are ok. But when the victim calls it "rape" it takes time to make them understand that it is not the case. This is why I used this word.
  12. To everyone who felt offended by the word "rape". I apologize ; I only used it because it appeared as so in the scientific article on which I rely for my mémoire. We all agree on one thing : there is no physical rape on SL. So I will refer to sexual harassement. The main topic remains still any type of violence and the consequences of it.
  13. Thank you! You are right, Adam is a teenager, which makes it even more complicate because teenage years are a period of tourment. Haha yes, but I also remember being underage and lying about it to subscribe on different sites on the internet. I guess Adam is a regular teenager on this issue.
  14. I am sorry to hear all of that. But I do not agree that you have to experience a certain type of violence just to understand it and do research about. Do you think that all therapists experienced every type of violence that their patients talk to the about ? No. And still they are here to help. Now this is my case, I am in school to be a therapist. Don't judge other people just because they have a different perception of reality than you. Yes, there are people who cannot dissociate te two. This is exactly what I am studying. You said it, you can get mental image in SL. We both agree that maybe this game is not for those people who experience this, but they don't necessarily know it and I will not judge, simply observe. You are absolutely right again, people cannot tell difference between what is real and what is not. But trauma occurs.
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