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  1. Ah, that didn't quite do it. They were still there when I logged back in. I was able to detach them after that though. Thank you.
  2. Hi everyone, Due to reasons (stupid ones, please don't make me go into it) I have had to create a new avi. Hello! So, I'm finally back in world, meeting up with friends. But I still have these HUDs from when I was at the beginner island. I cannot get rid of them. I can't edit them, and the don't show up as attached objects. Can anyone tell me how I can make them go away? They are taking up a lot of screen space. Thank you.
  3. I know someone who used a Utilizator Normie head for a while. It seemed okay, and I think it was in that price range. She eventually found it too limiting and upgraded to one of the major heads. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UTILIZATOR-Normie-Head/13071631
  4. Well, back in my day, we had to log on uphill, in the snow, while fighting off wolves! Users today don't know how easy they have it.
  5. I think they're great. I wish my RL bits worked more like my SL bits. No more need of protection when playing sports. No more embarrassing moments because of too-tight jeans. And when my ex-wife got *everything* in the divorce, I could have gone online and ordered a new pair!
  6. I'm getting a new mesh body this week. Does that mean I'll be a virgin again? Or does that only happen if I buy new naughty bits? Or is this one of those situations like my grandfather's axe: "This is my grandfather's axe. It's had the head replaced twice and handle replaced three times, but it's the same axe he carried."
  7. Wow. That does sound fascinating. I need to check that out. How do I start this lecture series? Oh, right - "ur hawt". Or maybe I should just stop by your store.
  8. Yeah, that's one way to look at it. Another way is to look at it like the Romans came out on top in the big street rumble. Rome vs. Carthage was *not* Russia vs. Lithuania. The Romans beat people that could have, and sometimes nearly did, grind them underfoot. The Soviets were just a land grab. Also, maybe the Romans would have stayed home if the Gauls hadn't originally sacked their city.
  9. That's actually the point I was going for. No, most people didn't become Roman citizens. But there was a path to citizenship, which was not normally the case. "I've been living in Hibernia for 50 yeas, and I'm still a f***ing Gaul to these people." "Aww, a pity. I was a Gaul, but when I was discharged I became a Roman citizen. " It's one of the things about the Romans that I like. It speaks to a different way of viewing the world, I think.
  10. That is so true. In many ways, the Romans were the best of a bad lot. I like what they built - a community made up of many nations that they brought into the fold (okay, true, some of them were brought in kicking and screaming....) You could be born a Scythian, for example, but could become a Roman.
  11. Um, that's not how I remember it. The version I know, Vercingetorix decided he couldn't afford to keep the women and children around, because they were eating all the food his warriors needed. So he drove them out of Alesia into no-man's land, assuming the Romans would let them through. Caesar realized they were a drain on the Gauls, so he refused to allow them passage. Vercingetorix didn't let them back into the city, and they were forced to stay between the lines and starve. So yeah, Caesar was okay with the women and children of the Gauls starving to death so he could successfully finish his siege of the city. But at the same time, the leader of the Gauls let them - his own people - starve to death so his warriors could eat. Dick moves on both sides.
  12. Oh, this sounds like fun. I'd love to do it, but right now my schedule does not permit the commitment that is required. Is there any chance you'd allow an occasional observer? I'd love to see how the game is run. Thanks!
  13. Is it a talking wolf pack? Or are you going to communicate with howls and growls? I'm not teasing, I'm really curious. I have been a chimpanzee that only communicates with gestures and chimp noises, no spoken words. It's quite challenging. I was curious to know if you plan to do that there, or if you'll be chatting in "wolfspeak". Thanks.
  14. ...shows her the two he's already carrying. Thanks. I learned years ago I'm quite flammable, and always dropping sparks into dry tinder. I used to keep water handy, but then all the Flashdancers took it....
  15. That depends on how you define "fire extinguisher". Think "bucket of sand" instead of "red cylinder full of CO2.
  16. Now wouldn't that make a great SL name. I'm thinking something like "Merkin Wittol".
  17. How about Serial Limited Intimate Coital Short-Term Independent Companion Acronym SLICSTIC, pronounced "slick stick". Seems rather appropriate to me. Though I like "auxiliary partners" too. Much better than "second-string husband" or "second-string wife".
  18. When does an alt stop being an alt. I was created as an alt, but I took over. Am I now the main? Or do I actually have to kill and bury my main in an unmarked sim before I can take on that mantle? Will I forever be marked as an alt? Condemned forever to live in the shadow of an avi that no longer logs. Oh the humanity!
  19. Don't just sit on the alt. A lot of vendors provide freebies for new avis, good only for the first couple of weeks or so after initial rez. So get out there and equip this alt properly, while you still can. Mesh body, clothes, stuff, you just have to go out and get it! Sorry I don't have any links handy. I have a list around somewhere that I used to help a friend that had just joined, but I seem to have misplaced it.
  20. A friend told me that the key to organizing clothes is shortcuts. Something like bury the actual outfits in folders, and have upper level folders with categories, and put shortcuts in them. Shortcuts can go in multiple categories. It was a really intimidating, involved organizing scheme that she came up with, and I don't remember the details. Sorry, but as a guy I struggle to find clothes. I don't really have enough to have this problem. But maybe it will spark some inspiration among y'all?
  21. I have a friend who has a (slightly) cumbersome first name, especially when my knuckles are swollen and it hurts to type. I still used the whole thing, until I got to know her well enough to ask if I could use a nickname. Which she was totally fine with. Undue familiarity too quickly is something that irks me, no matter what the opening line that contains it is.
  22. I'm totally opposed to bringing back last names. I have a real last name, and I LOVE lording it over the plebian Residents. Bow before me, For I am older than you! Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Oh, the power of having a proper first, and last name, it rushes to my head and makes me giddy! Shhh, let's just keep this among us here, though. I have a friend who is much older than me, and she'll beat me savagely if she hears I am swinging my Barabosa around again. Also, I am an Alt. I kidnapped my main and buried him under a slab of concrete. So that makes me the main now, doesn't it?
  23. They are running an enormous server farm. There is a tremendous amount of work just keeping it running, without making any improvements to the system. You clearly have no concept of what is involved. I'm not saying the prices can't come down. I don't know all of the economics. I'm saying it's not the "flip a switch" you claim it is.
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